Serene Sunday – O Holy Night

Since my Christmas surprise begins next Sunday and runs for eight days, this is the last holiday Serene Sunday this month.  So, I’ll end with my favorite Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  According to my fave go-to wealth of information, Wiki:

O Holy Night” (“Cantique de Noël“) is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem “Minuit, chrétiens” (Midnight, Christians) by Placide Cappeau (1808–1877), a wine merchant and poet, who had been asked by a parish priest to write a Christmas poem. Unitarian ministerJohn Sullivan Dwight, editor of Dwight’s Journal of Music, created a singing edition based on Cappeau’s French text in 1855. In both the French original and in the two familiar English versions of the carol, the text reflects on the birth of Jesus and of mankind’s redemption.

I’ve always loved this carol, not for the words, but for the slow beautiful melody usually performed with strings and a very good vocalist.  My iPod has at least 15 renditions of various artists ranging from simple to power singing.  Here are my top three favorites by Johnny Mathis, Josh Groban, and Celine Dion.  Which one do you prefer?

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Josh Groban – O Holy Night (Cover by Tyler)

Uploaded by MrSoundCheck1 on 2011-12-01.

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5 thoughts on “Serene Sunday – O Holy Night

  1. I love the videos! By the way, did you know that Jimmy Wales is threatening a wiki blackout if SOPA passes? Might be worth it to get some attention for the problem.

    I look forward to your surprise. : D

  2. The Celine Dion version is my favorite.  I’m not really much of a fan of hers but considering what she’s capable of doing she’s incredibly restrained here.  A lot of singers look at this song as a chance to show off and out-diva each other but she sings this beautifully.

  3. I really liked the Mathis one – hadn’t heard it before. (I really need to get some Mathis into my collection.)

    The Groban one is OK, but not a favorite. I prefer Dion to his version. I think my favorite is the version by Celtic Woman. And my least favorite is the polka version by Barenaked Ladies. 😉 (Celtic Woman)

    (Well, my FAVORITE version was my mom singing it – but it’s been decades since she last sang it.)

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