Serene Sunday – Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

Winston hasn’t been behaving.  He’s been running amok and taking all my attention the past few days.  Unfortunately, the to-do broke my proud running of streak of daily blogs since September.  Sad, but true.  There’s no help for it but to get up, dust myself off, and start again.  While the little monster is corralled in his kennel, this feels like a good day to present today’s song.

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen is an old slave spiritual recorded by many artists.  Louis Armstrong’s version is best known.  Marian Anderson recorded it in 1925 and Lena Horne in 1946.


Here is a version by Sam Cooke who set several spirituals to Rhythm & Blues.



Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Nobody knows my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Glory hallelujah!
Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down
Oh, yes, Lord
Sometimes I’m almost to the ground
Oh, yes, Lord
Although you see me going ‘long so
Oh, yes, Lord
I have my trials here below
Oh, yes, Lord
If you get there before I do
Oh, yes, Lord
Tell all-a my friends I’m coming too
Oh, yes, Lord
* The second line (“Nobody knows my sorrow”) is changed in some renditions to be “Nobody knows but Jesus”.

11 thoughts on “Serene Sunday – Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

  1. Thanks for sharing, I love Sam Cooke. I needed to hear the song. I hate this new place I’m at and I miss my family, cat and house and cry every day. I hope Winston starts behaving soon!

  2. I love Satchmo’s version!

    Jael, music provides. Keep up your courage. Rooting for you. Judiang, just so good to see you back with such wonderful music.


  3. The really forgiving thing about blogs is that you can just start again even after a pause. Praying for you that Winston stays kennelled.

  4. I also love to hear the late Paul Robeson singing it with that wonderful deep bass of his.  He sings with so much feeling.   A beautiful  voice and an inspiring person.

  5. Hi Judiang,
    Sorry to hear that Winston isn’t playing nice.  Maybe we can entice him into the kennel that Serv suggests with some of my powdered brownies.  Tee hee.  Besides, chocolate isn’t supposed to be good for doggies.
    (((HUGS)))  Grati  ;->

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