Serene Sunday: May It Be

I’m not a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy although I’ve seen all the movies.  (Yes, somehow the mystique of Middle Earth escaped me).  So I had to be reminded about the following song.  A few listenings later, it’s clearly a great pick for Serene Sunday.  So enjoy May It Be, sung by Enya.

May it be – Enya

This is the first video I made.. “May it be” by Enya! Hope you like it! =) *** For all those who ask, I found the pictures on the net. Just google them, I’m sure you’ll find these and many more! 😉 *** Thanks a lot for all the nice comments!



7 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: May It Be

  1. I loved both Enya’s song for that flick, and Annie Lennox’s song for the last flick.

    And I have an artiste for you to check out, Judi: Janelle Monae (with accent on the a). She’s a geek like us & is working on a 3 album (so far) story about an android who’s fallen in love with a human & thus has to be killed. Really liking the music. And the geekery. 🙂

  2. Dearest Judiang,
    “Believe and you will find your way.” Words for all of us to live by. Thanks for this uplifting song and message. I needed it this week.
    Love & Hugs! Grati ;->

  3. Very nice song, always have enjoyed this and Into the West. I’m just stumped as to how the anyone cannot be taken in by Middle Earth, especially the elves. I just don’t understand. If DT were an elf, would that had made a difference?

    • I think it’s because I wasn’t exposed to fantasy as a child. If I leaned towards anything, it was a futuristic world. So Middle Earth (which has a medieval flavor) didn’t attract. Trying to imagine DT as an elf and can’t stop laughing. 😀

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