Serene Sunday – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Simon and Garfunkel made this song famous in 1970 when it won a Grammy for song of the year.  But today, I choose the rendition performed by the great Aretha Franklin, in tribute to Whitney Houston.  It seems appropriate for what could have been.

10 thoughts on “Serene Sunday – Bridge Over Troubled Water

    • I’m still a bit stunned.  She was only three years my junior and her songs were part of my young adulthood.  I was really hoping she had turned herself around and gotten through the dark times.

  1. This is a lovely tribute, Judiang. 
    Whitney Houston sang ballads with such heartfelt emotion that touched me deeply in songs such as “The Greatest Love” and “I Will Always Love You”..  I will also remember her joyous youthful spirit that she shared in her early songs, such as “How will he know”.  My heart goes out to her daughter and family at this sad time. 
    Sincerely, Grati

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