Serene Sunday: Blue Bayou

Recently, Linda Ronstadt announced that she has multiple sclerosis and can no longer sing.  She’d had symptoms for seven or eight years but was diagnosed only recently because of voice issues.  The news shocked and devastated her as well as fans around the world.  I felt deeply saddened because she was one of the truly great voices of her time in the ’70s and ’80s.  Today in the era of wannabe singers and auto-tuning, Linda had an amazing vocal range from rock (When Will I Be Loved) to operatic (Pirates of Penzance).

So today, I present her Roy Orbison cover, Blue Bayou, which hit #3 on the the Billboard 100 in 1977.


Linda Ronstadt – Blue Bayou

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the audio of this video. Subscribe. 😉 Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt




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4 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Blue Bayou

  1. I’ve spent many a Serene Sunday listening to Linda Ronstadt. Really sorry to hear she can no longer sing. I’m going to listen to “Lush Life” today to remind me.

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