Serene Sunday – Ave Maria

Ave Maria is not a Christmas song although it’s played mostly during the holiday season.  As Jazzbaby stated on her blog, there are two versions, the Shubert and the Bach-Gounod version.  My favorite is the Gounod sung by one my favorite voices, Johnny Mathis.


He also does the  Schubert version, too.  Which one do you prefer?


4 thoughts on “Serene Sunday – Ave Maria

  1. Hi Judiang,
    I can’t decide.  Both versions are lovely–especially with Johnny Mathis’ stirring voical interpretations.  Thanks for sharing them. 
    Holiday Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. I love both versions but the Schubert is the one I am more familiar with.  I also love Johnny Mathis singing pretty much anything.  🙂  He has such a beautifully soothing voice.

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