Serene Sunday: Groovin’ on A Sunday Afternoon

I’ve been lying around on a hot Sunday afternoon, sipping a frozen strawberry margarita and being remiss in publishing today’s post.  I mulled over what uplifting and terribly appropriate spiritual spoke to me over some delicious flan.  That’s when I made the mistake of looking at my blog stats.

There’s an app for that on my iPhone which inexplicably quit then started working again.  It lists posts, comments, referrals and search words.  Curious about what people googled to find me, I took a look.  “Judiang,” check.   Various permutations of “confessions of a watcher,” no surprise.  “Thorin beard,” okay.  “Thorin beard Klingon,” yes, I did say that.  “Richard Armitage beard,” I’m noticing a theme here.   “How large is Richard Armitage penis,”  Oh. OH!

I sat baffled that somebody expected to find the answer, as if he or persons unknown measured and put the information out there.  Then I was stunned this inquiring somebody hit MY blog!  Let’s be clear: I have never and will never blog such a topic to be remembered for all posterity on the internet.  I have standards.  That’s what the chat room is for.  (Seriously, if you haven’t participated in our sessions, you’ve been missing out.)  That’s all I’m sayin’.

Distracted by this discovery, I strained the brain all day trying to make the herculean leap from RA’s little Richie to today’s Serene Sunday.   One idea was wildly inappropriate so I decided to be good and stay with, you know, those standards I mentioned.  So, *ahem,* moving right along.   “Serene” can be applied to other songs besides spirituals, something that is also calm, peace, unruffled.  The following song is perfect for a lazy afternoon.  It’s smooth, pleasant and catchy.   I’m sure RA has been taking it easy today and hope you did as well.

Here is Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon by the Rascals





For those of you craving that dollop of RA, here’s a recent photo to contemplate as you listen.


Richard Armitage at the NYC Captain America premiere 2011; courtesy


32 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Groovin’ on A Sunday Afternoon

  1. Well, this had me all curious so I google said search phrase to see which of your posts popped up…And well, I gave up after looking at the first 12 pages…However, I should tell you THIS post now pops up first with that search phrase :D…Guaranteed to have a few repeat customers to this blog post now Judiang. Good marketing strategy…for a …ermmm Serene Sunday. 😀

          • OMG LOL! (That’s why I say RA should do Game of Thrones; he can be showcased in all his his glory fine acting ability.) Wait a minute, this is Serene Sunday! 😀

          • Dhana… Yes, I do mean a Doctor Obsession. It’s actually pretty impressive the number of Doctor dicks I’ve seen over the years… And not all of them suffer from The Pencil of Rassilon (the nickname we gave to Tom Baker’s).

          • I don’t think I could handle RA in GoT…that would surely send me over the edge… well, then again…perhaps it would send me over the edge in a good way … (Oh ya, forgot…this is supposed to be Serene Sunday not the chat room… 😉 )

  2. Well, that certainly perked up the Sunday Sunday! Is a second strawberry margarita required? 😀

  3. And you’ve just begun to touch the search results that will bring inquiring minds to your blog, trust me. The more topics you cover, the wilder the queries will get. If you don’t like this effect, avoid the slang use of sex terms, and always put stars or special characters in problematic words. That helps a little. I kinda wanta know, but sometimes the stuff I see makes me wish I didn’t know.

  4. LOL! Oh there are some really crazy search terms out there. One of the oddest ones I’ve ever seen was for a Harry Potter roleplaying game, someone had found it using the search term “djur6” which would be spelled out as “djursex” which essentially means someone was searching for beastiality. I know HOW they found the site (“Skötsel och Vård av Magiska Djur 6” – i.e. “Care of Magical Creatures” for year 6) but still … imagine the look on their faces when they found out how to feed a hippogriff instead! 😉

    We have some very peculiar keyword results for S#!t Roleplayers Say as well, which made us laugh. They’re even worth making a post about. Most of the ones for The Squeee aren’t that funny last time I looked.

    Thanks for sharing, and for the ensuing laughs! 😀 Hmm with regards to the size of his member … a Lady does not wish to speculate, but she is sure it will be entirely adequate and fit for purpose.

    • Traxy, good grief! I can only imagine the searches you get. I used to do some DW rpg back in the day and we got interesting indeed. Can’t wait to see you in the chat room because I’ve yet to see a lady join yet! 😀 Just joking! I think.

  5. Oh dear – and now you will get all those xxx searches – if I were you I would amend that phrase in your post. Not what youwant to find out about on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

    • Fitzy, don’t worry. It’s secret Harry Potterese. Don’t worry, the effect should wear off in a few weeks… 😉

  6. You do realize that you’re tempting me to Gibberish Search Term Bomb you now, right?

    • See, I give you gals fun and excitement and it goes to your heads. “Antidisestablishmentarism Richard Armitage” indeed! 😀

      • I spent way too long the other night trying to figure out how to turn that into a blogger game of tag. Anyone in?

  7. Judi, you have me almost spitting I’m laughing so hard. I get some crazy search terms and have even gotten Richard Armitage + penis, but never a “How large is…” ROFLOL!!! Considering some others I’ve seen, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still cracking up. I dare not mention some others ’cause even my earthy sense of humor can’t bring myself to say them.

    • Yeah, I quoted verbatim. It stopped me in my tracks for more reasons than one. ;D

      I *still* haven’t figured out how they hit MY blog, although I’m told it might have been associated with something else associated with my blog. Who knows.

  8. Your search terms are much more interesting than mine. I get hits for “vines” and “mountains” because of the graphics on my blog! 🙂 At least now I know how to find you if I lose track of you.

    • Your search terms are perfectly normal. Apparently mine aren’t when I hadn’t even said anything. Yet. What’s a girl to do??? 😉

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