Serene Sunday: We Shall Overcome

The following song represented the civil rights movement for me and played a big part of my childhood.  It is inspirational but unfortunately has sad connotations for me since I heard it mostly at funerals, such as for Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.   Their assassinations in 1968 awakened me at the age of 8 to the concept of evil and what can happen to good people.   It’s been 43 years since April 4th, and to the day, for MLK and RFK, respectively.  We’ve come so far, yet hardly at all considering today’s political climate.

The following rendition is by Joan Baez at the Woodstock festival in 1969.  To this day I can’t listen without choking up.  Here is We Shall Overcome.



3 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: We Shall Overcome

  1. This is a perfect choice of song and singer on this historical day. It was a turning point in America’s history. Many consider a “loss of innocence.”

  2. “68” was a seminal year for the world. Martin Luther and Robert Kennedy were symbolic beyond their borders. (I was 23 and Canadian). Joanie was an icon, as were many other American, and Canadian artists who emerged from that era. Joan Baez has a unique, unmistakable voice, and enduring passion.
    There have been other years since which stop us in our tracks. And there are songs, and there is music, which apply to today. It’s not all nostalgia, it is reminder of who we are, and to what we still aspire. (even smug “boomers” 😀 )

    Thanks for this clip, Judiang.

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