Serene Sunday: Amazing Grace

Good Morning!

Ideally I should be nursing a hangover from painting the town red last night. I also should be secretly smiling about an interesting dream featuring a certain actor. Most likely neither of these have occurred and I’m being rushed to the local wi-fi hotspot for critical internet therapy. Since you’re probably in a more serene frame of mind, Dear Reader, I offer today’s spiritual song.

Amazing Grace has been recorded by scores of artists since was composed in 1779. It’s a simple but powerful song that’s easy to sing a capella or with an entire choir and orchestra. I’ve preferred many versions over the years but recently fell over this rendition by 7 year old Rhema Marvanne. Her voice lends a sweetness to the song. I’m sure she will go far.

Here is a beautiful version by Nana Mouskouri:

Here is a slow gospel version by Mahalia Jackson who was known to connect with the emotion of a song:

6 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Amazing Grace

  1. People are going to get the wrong impression of me & Elsa when you talk of painting the town red. Red? Purple, if anything! 🙂

  2. “Mahalia Jackson…was known to connect with the emotion of a song.” Wow…I think we need to run an understatement contest and I think you’d be in the lead with that one, LOL!

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