Serene Sunday

The tech troubles with formatting are still unresolved but I can manually include a reply box for each post.  So, no more procrastinating.   It’s warm, it’s Spring (I think), it’s Sunday and a good time to get things rolling again.

In keeping with posting spiritual songs on Sunday, I choose one by one of my favorite gospel singers, Mahalia Jackson.  A friend told me I have an “old soul” but I really enjoy old time music.  Ms. Jackson had an amazing dynamo voice. I loved to listen to her as a child.  While her diction was mushy at times, it didn’t matter because the power of her voice was enough.

While I’ll head down to the lakeside, enjoy things Down by the Riverside.

5 thoughts on “Serene Sunday

    • I’m searching out other videos with her, but might have to make some audios from CDs I have. You’ll hear more of her.

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