Serene Sunday: Hallelujah

This is one of those songs that seemed like it should impress but somehow missed for me in the past.  It’s deceptively difficult to sing and some artists have mistaken shrillness for emotion and vocal lift.  Power singing distracts from the poetry of the lyrics.

Finally, I heard this rendition performed by k.d. lang.  The instrumentals are simple with the surging, almost marching temp of the piano. The primary focus is the singer who can make or break this song.   k.d. lang is not only a gifted vocalist, but she immerses herself in the music and she showcases both here.  This performance was live at the 2010 Olympics and best I’ve heard by anybody to date.

Here is Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen. Lyrics are here.

4 thoughts on “Serene Sunday: Hallelujah

  1. Doesn’t k.d. lang have a wonderfully expressive voice?! I love Leonard singing Leonard, but there have been some beautiful interpretations of his songs (Jennifer Warnes, Buffy Ste. Marie etc).Mr. Cohen came with two older, at that time, noted Canadian poets to my university decades ago. All we young women fell over ourselves. I do remember who the other two were. But we had eyes and ears only for one.It is sad that, having trusted his financial affairs to a qualified business manager, he was utterly defrauded, (symptoms of the age of financial fraud) and is forced to go back on the road in his seventies.

    • Whoa, sorry it took so long to reply. Stray comments are popping up. This song has turned into one of my favorites and with k.d. lang singing, you can’t miss.

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