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While and RichardArmitageCentral slave away archiving the monsoon of ComicCon photos, I was amused by this one from the Warner Bros’ site. Go there now.  There are gorgeous hi-resolutions shots from the autograph signing offered for downloading.

Here RA is standing before one of the official Hobbit 3D posters of himself as Thorin.  I wonder what he’s thinking.  It must be a bit surreal for him to come from being immersed in a closed film world for a year and a half to this blitz.  I hear he said they still had some shots left to complete (this year? next year?), so he may not be able to exit the Hobbit universe just yet.  But when everything is finished, will he finally allow himself to contemplate the enormity of the project and the impact on his life or not?  Not being a Tolkien fan, I have no clue how the LotR cast handled it.
















16 thoughts on “SDCC and RA: Miscellaneous

    • That’s the ex-dancer in him.  Have you noticed he may slouch when sitting but his standing posture in shots by himself are always erect and graceful?

  1. Hi Judiang,
    I love this pix from the WB site–I snagged several of them earlier!  But this one of RA with the Thorin poster is particularly riveting.  Thorin’s eyes look very otherworldly–and a little bit sad for the struggles and losses that he had to endure.  And then I look at RA’s eyes here–no sadness, but still otherworldly.

    Thorin’s early life and destiny were forever changed.  And now, so is Richard Armitage’s life forever changed.  However, given RA’s exquisite acting and storytelling talents, I would venture to guess that many of us saw greatness in his destiny all along.
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

    • I love Twitter!  Had it not been for that medium, I wouldn’t have seen even a quarter of the pics.  Ali on is working feverishly archiving them on her site.

  2. He dropped some food on his trousers(right thigh!)! It happens to me all the time…The poor darling must have eaten in a hurry.. 🙂  He looks absolutely glorious!

    • Welcome another Judi! Er..Judith? I know you must be a wonderful person. 😉

      The cast was so tightly scheduled, it’s amazing they had a chance to eat at all.

    • Judit,

      Your observation just caused me to snort with laughter.. yeah, I’m forever looking down at my skirt and thinking, ‘what the?  How did I not notice that I spilled that all over myself?’  Usually it’s spilled coffee as I juggle coffee cup, lunch, id pass, keys, etc.  🙂

      • I spotted that thigh spill too LOL well chest spill is worse 😉
        Sorry but don’t like this picture at all! Why not even a hint of a smile????
        I’m like .. hey move out of the way .. like the poster way better :))

  3. LOL Judit, have to admit, that I haven’t looked so far down his……  😉 You know, this TWO faces in this picture are so damn gorgeous! …and graceful he is. Jazzbaby you are soo right .

    Judiang, thanks a million for that great job you did last night (as it was really late over here on the other side..) I enjoyed all those wonderful vids and pictures you came up with and they kept me awake until far in the morning.

    BTW The beard: As it seems to me, he expectedly was representing Thorin and not  RA, therefore his beard is still a kind of  disguise he wears?? Mmmmm…

  4. He has pleaded being a messy puppy before! He slouches when sitting, because the studio/conference furniture is too small him? 🙂 That couch seating three plus an Armitage was just ridiculous!

    Great work yesterday, Judi ! Much gratitude!


  5. There’s a short video clip courtesy of Jean over on RANet, showing Richard moving through the crowd. He certainly stands out with his height. Jazz is right, he is very graceful, even when standing still, especially the way he’s holding his arms and hands.

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