SDCC and RA: 8

The Hobbit panel has finally started.  @CruisingCathy and @Arwen on Twitter are live blogging.   They are showing a “Making of” of the production and the last few days of shooting.  I’m thinking DVD extras, don’t you?

The dwarves are getting introduced.  Sir Ian gets a huge ovation.  Sir Peter walks out filming the audience saying hi from ComicCon.

Tweets are a bit sparse or delayed.  No matter.  I’m sure we’re all dying to see the footage in living color.

courtesy of meowmeowpurring on Tumblr

Wait, just realized I’ve forgotten to blog in snark.  What I *meant* to say was “these live-bloggers really s– .”  Oh, Arwen just tweets, “Fantastic footage of the movie has been shown. More details later.” 12 1/2 minutes of new footage had been shown including first looks at Tauriel and Radagast, and the beginning of Riddles in the Dark.

Phillipa talks about bringing back Cate Blanchett as Galadriel to, you know, inject some estrogen into the movie.

Wow, I think RA might successfully NOT speak!  But can he get away with it???

OMG!  He speaks!!  “We went through quite an evolution for the look of Thorin. Working with a prosthetic like that is quite a challenge. By Day 1, I didn’t think I would make it 2 or 3 weeks… by the end, I couldn’t work without it.” “Managing the heat and ‘sweaty dwarf’ was a challenge itself.”

Fine, so he actually spoke.  But will more fans make him… speak AGAIN???

Surprise guest Elijah Wood says he was blown away by the new footage.

Sir Peter goes on about shooting and shooting and the ups and downs of filming.

Andy Serkis talks about starting out as Gollum and ending as an assistant director. Yes, he does The Voice.

And that’s it folks!   RA successfully spoke only once.  I think his maddening reputation as a retiring, unassuming, quiet bloke remains intact.   Suddenly the Pointer Sisters’ “He’s So Shy” plays in my head.  Sigh.

If you want to read the detailed live blogging yourself, click here and here.

Keep a look out for release of any video tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “SDCC and RA: 8

  1. Oh Judiang!
    This was an amazing day!  Apart from seeing bits and pieces of interviews with The Hobbit cast and such, all of us around the world were able to chat about it synchronously as we shared our thoughts.
    Thanks for your live blog and for also hosting AW Chat!  You are the hostess with the mostess.
    Now I’m going off line to make orange jello for my nephew’s birthday tomorrow.  Ha!
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. After reading the articles linked over at RANet, it seems as though Richard wasn’t really given much opportunity to speak. If the panel had been the original, smaller one named, he may have had more questions asked of him, but with the addition of Sir Ian and Elijah Wood, they were spread more thinly. I don’t begrudge the attendees the chance to see these two either, I think it’s great they turned up. As usual though, Richard was probably quite happy to take a back seat.

    • Mezz, you do have a point.  I do wonder had RA had more chances to speak, would he have taken the opportunity?  I’m looking over the videos again and pondering a post on his public persona.

      • I’ve had a quick look at the video of the panel (the video of the video!) From what I saw, and I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, while the others sit forward in their seats, leaning on the table, even when they’re not talking, Richard often sits back in his seat. When he did speak just the once, it wasn’t even to directly answer an audience question, Martin referred to him with regards to the dwarves.  Would he have been asked further questions if he had put himself forward like the others? I don’t know. He was up against some pretty stiff competition with the others, who are more well known than he is.

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