SDCC and RA: 7

Okay, they are saying the Hobbit panel starts at 4:00PM PDT.  There are 4,000 people waiting to get into Hall H.  A projected 126,000 people are expected to attend SDCC.  From watching TORn’s live feed, it looks like an overcast day in sunny San Diego.

Actually nobody seems very sure when the cast will be on except they are saved for last. If you are on Twitter, check out the live blogging.  I’m hearing there will be no live video from Hall H, only live blogging.  The earliest video will be posted is tomorrow.

In the meantime, read this post by somebody you all know.


4 thoughts on “SDCC and RA: 7

    • You mean, on-the-armchair reporter. My butt almost fell asleep.   😀

      I can imagine how exciting it’s been for Frenzy and HeathRA behind the scenes.

  1. We were on our way back from a wedding when all of this was taking place and thanks to you, I was keeping up. Well, as good as you can on a little phone screen!  Thanks!

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