Roughing It

I was working on the next post when I realized it wouldn’t be ready for prime time before I leave for the long holiday weekend on Friday.  For the past 15 years I meet with two buddies (who I met in a fandom online) at cabin located in forest preserve on a man-made lake.  It’s a cozy little place with a 3-season from which we can observe nature on 3 sides without getting eaten alive by the bugs. It has the creature comforts like electricity, cable and internet.  However this year there won’t be cable and therefore no internet.

You might find this funny, but the idea of no internet is daunting.  I can do without a telephone. I don’t have to turn on the TV.  I can leave the microwave. But no internet? We are hard core geeks who think nothing of arriving for a visit and the first thing we do is plug in the laptops to check email.  We’ve been known to chat together online while sitting in the same house.  I’ve not a clue how we will survive this.  The friend with cabin (who happens to be my computer guru) promises we can retreat to some local wi-fi hot spots if the shakes get top bad and troubleshoot my WordPress problems.  She also reminded me the cabin isn’t completely in a dead zone; I will be able to get 3G access on my iPhone  if I perch like a crane on the dock with my arm stretched perpendicular to the 3rd tree on the left.  Or something like that.   I could weep.

She added my relaxation will be supplemented with reading real books with pages, talking (face to face!), playing board and card games, and going to the movies.  It’s new-fangled way of old social interaction.  It will be like the days when we had no air conditioning, only one TV with four channels, snail mail, and no McDonald’s.    My childhood is flashing before my eyes. This will be like, you know, before civilization.

But if she tells me there will be no electricity, I’m walking 40 miles upstream one way to the airport.

I hope everybody has a peaceful, restful weekend.  Here is somebody else in restful repose:

Richard Armitage in 2004 promotion shoot; Courtesy

9 thoughts on “Roughing It

  1. Haha, yes, I know the feeling. My Kindle is the 3G version, so if I’m anywhere with a 3G or wifi connection, I won’t be without the internet if I get desperate! I’d love to go to a cabin in the woods, sounds nice and peaceful. Hope you have fun! 🙂

    • I caved in and bought the wi-fi version of the iPad since it was intended only for home use. Why would I need 3G? “Bring your iPad,” my friend said. “Hey! Oh–,” Sigh.

      It’s nice there, more water than trees where we are. The weather is shaping up to be sunny and hot.

  2. I never said “real books with real pages” I said to download all the books you want & music you want before you arrive. Heh. 🙂

    Hell, if there’s no electricity when we get there, I’ll be bugging out as fast as you. Heh.

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