Richard Armitage and Pinter/Proust; A Watcher’s (and Fangurl’s) Review: Part 1

Picture or it didn't happen.  Richard Armitage and me.  92nd ST Y, NYC.

Picture or it didn’t happen. Richard Armitage and me. 92nd ST Y, NYC.

So, Dear Reader, I went to New York City.

Okay maybe that’s an understatement but I was thisclose to not going.  Attending the Pinter/Proust production was a last minute, crazy harebrained attempt to snap me out of a post holiday, post illness funk.  Also I blame Zan, my partner in crime during the Anderson Cooper trek in 2012 and Perry for her frequent and intriguing updates.  In addition, my nosy side realized there would never be another opportunity quite like it: no autograph hunters, no cold stage door, no usual post production scrambling, but almost impromptu encounters between actor, fans and patrons for a one-off performance.   As 20 plus year fan veteran, I get more of a kick watching other fans now.  What better environment to watch such interactions?  I shook my limp inner fangurl, told her to get it together and dragged her off to NYC.  Curiously I’ve been having a hard time writing this entry, because I’ve been of two minds —

HEYYYYY there posse!  Whassup?  I’m Inner Fangurl here to save the day.  Judi does go on, doesn’t she?  The readers want to hear the Good Stuff, aka Richard Armitage.   Judi, you can talk about more esoteric things like acting later.  Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Sigh.  Fiiiiine.

OKAY!  Judi was under the weather, so when I heard about the production at the 92nd St Y, I said we should go!

That’s not what –

Even after she booked everything, she almost didn’t go.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, we met up with our partners in crime, Zan and Perry and headed for the pre-show with Di Trevis, the director for the production.  She told some very humorous stories about Harold Pinter, distracting my spidey senses.  *He* had been seen sitting in the back of the audience laughing along.  RA was in the building.


When the show started, we sat up in the balcony. Judi spent five minutes rummaging in her bag for the hearing device and nearly missed his entrance on stage.  Now we are a bit visually challenged, but he entered with such balletic grace that we knew it was him.  I clamored for her to get Zan’s mini binoculars and we were set.  He was definitely the Man in Black: black shirt, tight black jeans, black long suit coat; longish dark hair combed back still curling at the nape.  He appeared in so many little scenes –

They were memories –

Well, Judi did fine, but I had a hard time following at first. No matter!  When RA wasn’t performing a memory, he sat in the back waiting for his next cue. The little binoculars were very handy, especially when he got to that breast caressing scene with Odette, his obsession –

That was supposed to be Swann brushing something off Odette’s decolletage –

Well, the binoculars showed me differently!  And then the passionate kiss, oh my!  If anybody doubted his ability to be a romantic lead, that scene should put things to rest.  We quite enjoyed watching him gracefully prowl around the stage so tall, lean and lanky.  WOOHOO!


Sigh indeed!  During the intermission, we were alerted to vacant seats in the second row center. We beat a hasty retreat down there.  What a fabulous view!  We don’t really remember much of the story after that because he was RIGHT THERE!

I remember quite a bit!

Well, that’s amazing.  Just imagine Readers, all six feet two inches of him strutting around the stage so close, his features so finely chiseled that you can see his facial muscles working beneath the skin, the cheek bones popping out of nowhere.  He cut such a Byronic figure.  OMG!  SQUEE!!!!!!

Maybe you should mention that his acting was –

His acting???  Oh pish!   Before we knew it, the play ended and they came out to take their bows.  My goodness he seemed so close.  We were practically on eye level with –

Nevermind about that!  Get on with it.

*Sniff*  Fine.  The entire cast came out for a photo shoot then dispersed.  Our compadres had a few words with Trevis and some cast members before moving to the gallery where we heard there would be a meet and greet.

Right, it turned out that the party was private.

Yes!  But the next thing I knew, after exchanging a few words with the lovely gatekeeper, we were on the other side of the rope. I love New Yorkers!  Why do they have such a bad reputation?

Oh yes, me too.  No clue.  *chuckle*

So then RA came out of the After Party to greet the horde of fans and curiosity seekers.  He was absolutely a peach, signing autographs, taking pictures with everybody.  He even declined to be extricated by the guard and went on until he’d seen everybody.  He must have stayed out there a good 30 minutes or more.  He took pictures with our compadres and then it was our turn!  SQUEE!


We’d handed our iPhone to Zan, I caught his attention and there we were, his arm around our shoulders, and our arm around his lean waist.  No love handles there!  And so warm.  That man is a furnace!

Can we just finish this –

Well fine, but it was a surreal moment, his arm there waiting patiently while Zan snapped the photo.  It felt like a second and an eternity.

Very Proustian there, Inner Fangurl.

Okay, maybe I was paying attention to the play – just a tad.  Anyway, it was time to go into the After Party but my time was over.  Judi kicked me out!  I don’t even know what happened next.

Yes Dear Reader, I threw a cloak over her to avoid two worlds colliding.  But that’s another story.  Now that Inner Fangurl has had her say, I can get on with serious impressions about the production, the party, the cast, the fans, the man.



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  2. *Dies laughing* OMG, judiang, you and zan are flipping KILLING me…uh, US…making US wait foe these reports.

  3. Great pic — I think I saw you in the background of another one, as well, from a different fan 🙂 Glad Inner Fangirl took over, she sounds so happy 🙂

  4. So….what was inner fangurl saying about being eye level? I bet it was nice having your arm around that warm body. Glad you decided to go!!!!!!!!!!

    • I won’t say, this is a PG rated post. *cough wink wink* Yes, it was very nice, but shhhh, don’t get Fangurl started again. 😉

  5. Fangurl – I like your style. Byronic! A perfect description. And the heat -he’s hot literally and figuratively. I love this post and picture. I’m so glad you decided to make the trip. I trust it perked you up and got you out of your funk.

    • Hey there! Deciding to go was the best shot in the arm. Funk cleared out because Fangurl hasn’t stopped chattering yet. Sigh.

  6. LOL – that inner *dia*logue, oh, very familiar. But such fun to read. As usual a very, very entertaining contribution from you, Judi. Thanks for describing it – the run-up to it, the doubts, and the resounding triumph of the fangirl. It’s great to see you there, happily pictured with Mr A. Is there more – the “serious” review? Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Guylty. I literally couldn’t post until I got the shallow, I mean Inner Fangurl, out of the way. This really was a unique experience in my years in any fandom.

  7. ROFLMAO!! I’m glad you decided to go after all, Judi. And Inner FanGurl got to speak her piece!!! Great photo, too! I’m glad things worked out for you and Zan!!!

    Psst, told my Girl that you got to meet him and she said, Good! Does she believe me now???? 😉

  8. Sounds oh so exciting…great picture with his hand on your shoulder and leaning in to get closer…such a sweetie…and what an adventure!

  9. Heh – fabulous entry. Worth the wait. Will we have to wait as long for part 2? Lovely photo BTW! You look good with your arm around a (much) younger man! 😉

  10. Oh Judiang,
    Love this essay! I’m so glad that you went and had fun! I am so jealous! Hhhhh! I’m reblogging your essay for my Sunday post (directing folks back to you), And I will include links to your follow up posts as you share them. I can’t wait to read the rest of your impressions!
    Cheers! Grati ;->
    P.S. Call me next time! You could hold my hand on the airplane so I wouldn’t have a panic attack. Ha!

  11. Thanks for the report, Judi. I know it was a LOT to absorb. Really wish I could have such an experience to jolt me out of the deep dark blues I have been experiencing. Ah, if I only I weren’t a dirt poor girl livin’ on a dirt road . . . there’s a country song in there somewhere methinks . . . look forward to reading more.

  12. I understand the feeling completely about wanting to go but then not wanting to go. I am so glad that you did go and it sounded wonderful and it was wonderful reading your post. Wish I were closer to N.Y.C. Some probably gave this event a pass but it was a perfect chance to get close and not have to deal with all the usual mob scene. Now you have that photo to show you really did meet him.

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  14. Thank you for a very honest and detailed account. /in other words, I sympathise with the reluctant fangirl and I envy her a bit for the radiator experience!/

  15. What a wonderful read, Judy. Glad you went and had an experience worth the effort, despite all your doubts. “The man is a furnace”. Love this. My inner fangurl sighs…. unruly….

  16. Inner Fangurl had me squeeing with delight, Judi, thank you for sharing. I’m glad you decided in the end to go, what wonderful memories you and the others have. As you say, it had all the ingredients for the perfect Armitage experience. 🙂

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