Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – The Morning After

A star pose? Richard Armitage at The Hobbit premiere. Courtesy of the Daily Mail

I’ve had less than four hours of sleep, they forgot the expresso in my latte, and my dog buggered off to bed.  It might not be wise to post now but that’s never stopped me before.  You know, rushing in where angels fear to tread… or something.

So, it finally happened.  After waiting since early 2011, RA made his debut on the world stage.  And what a debutante he was.  His outfit was mahhhvelous.  He was the prettiest one at the ball and everybody was looking at him.  His blushed demurely and becomingly and I’m sure his dance card later was full.  His fans watched, bursting with pride over The Next Big Thing.  There was no untoward drama.  Nobody dragged him into the bushes.  He has been officially launched.  How many producers will come courting remains to be seen.

Just looking at him, my heart filled with loving snark.  My cup truly runneth over.  The festivities should keep me blogging again for months.   I’m grinning from ear to ear, right now, at the very thought.   Yes, sipping coffee and actually sighing contentedly.   My muse is regarding me warily.  It’s all good.

I’m still considering his report card.  But first there are the interviews and the red carpet event to rewatch.  I’ll judge his performance carefully and thoughtfully, but with no handicap.   The world stage doesn’t do handicaps.  You’ll be happy to know, dear reader, that I”ll hold off posting the report card for a few days while everybody enjoys the euphoria.

That will give me enough time to pack my bags and get out of town give it due consideration.

Feel free to influence my review in the comments.  All bribes are welcome.

Oh, I’ve just been offered asylum in Budapest.  Cool!

Stay tuned.


Want to congratulate him?  Why not join the gift bombing of his Justgiving page?  Show him and the world you care.


23 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – The Morning After

  1. Looking forward to the report card. Wouldn’t dream of influencing. (Just note that I had four hours’ sleep, too. If I resemble a dwarf, it’s Grumpy…)

  2. Working on less than 4 hours sleep, myself. But darn, that was one fine ‘party’ last night! Well worth the red-carpet hangover I’ve got going on. 😀

    /me raises her hand. Umm, Prof? Will his emotion-laden, though fumblingly sent, message to us be factored into the final grading on the report card?

    Just askin’ …

      • Argument for INCLUSION:
        Said message was written during pause in preparation for the most monumental moment of his career, to date. He could have been doing *anything* else. (Yeah, it screams ‘extra-credit’. And I just know he’s gonna blow the curve for the rest of us. But have to give the guy his due … it’s a brilliant play.)

        Said message exudes his boyish excitement at presenting a completed project, hoping for a positive energy return.

        Said message conveys sincere sense of pride in work achieved by his colleagues, with little mention of his part in it, displaying his own humility.

        Said message was researched, as indicated by nod to other sites — “and those others which have popped up over the last few years and months” — offering plausible proof that he is at least aware of the loving toil of webmasters, bloggers, et al on his behalf.

        Said message indicates his awareness of the scope of the project and it’s place in cinematic history.

        Said message demonstrates his commitment to his craft by respecting and understanding the origins of the role he is undertaking.

        Said message strongly suggests that Mum made a good impression on him to always say “Thank You,” no matter what the situation. Indications are also that he retains quite well that which he learns.

        Said message proves (yet again) he’s got a good (if quirky) sense of humor, as indicated by final phrase — “fumblingly sent from my iPad”

        And he’s totally hot in that outfit, rockin’ the 60’s throwback look, and dazzling with the stubble, those blue eyes and that brilliant smile. OK, that has NOTHING to do with the argument. I’m just sayin’ … 😉

        • Ms. Zan- brilliant!!! Congratulations! Totally and utterly convincing. You get an A+ from me (though I probably don’t count as I’m not impartial regarding “said message”!)

  3. Oh dear I mistyped ‘asylum’ on Twitter, didn’t I? (Oops. My excuse is that I only had 2 hours of sleep last night!) However, the offer still stands. :)Waiting eagerly (though rather apprehensively) for report card!

  4. Don’t forget that he was wearing CUFFLINKS! That alone deserves an A+ in my book. He looked streamlined, modern, classic, elegant, dashing, handsome, luminous, kissable, and happier than I’ve ever seen him before – in spite of his nervousness. I felt so proud to be a member of his Army! He exuded class and old time Hollywood glamour. His look and demeanor screamed “Movie Star”, full steam ahead to the top of the A-List!

    • But of course, the shirt had to have French cuffs. Ooo la la! Nothing but the best here. So, I think cufflinks would be standard bog. 😉

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