Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – The BDSM Suit or 50 Shades of RA?

Richard Armitage channels elegant Sir Guy for the 21 century at the Tokyo Hobbit premiere. Courtesy of

Since our boy probably is resting during his 12 hour flight on the Tokyo to Toronto leg of the great The Hobbit: the Expected PR Megablitz, fandom has time to wedge in Real Life. I rushed out for some unexpected shopping and remembered everybody else is holiday shopping. Who woulda thunk it?

So back to the Tokyo premiere, but first my inner fangurl wishes to say: “RA looked simply divine, relaxed and radiate at the event. His gorgeous eyes simply popped, and made me -” OKAY LUV, that’s enough. I have a reputation to maintain. *Cough.* Let’s get to what everybody has been wondering: RA, were you sporting a LEATHER SUIT?

After finally peeling my eyes from his face as he stood on that stage, I was 50 ways of confused. That couldn’t be the FABULOUS Zegna suit (hereto known as George); it shined too much under the lights. So, was it sharkskin? When he helpfully placed his hands in the trouser pockets, I wondered if the entire suit was the most expensive of supple calfskin leather I’d ever seen. Phwoar! He’s speaking my language again.

Fans tweeted his awesome stylist. Finally she returned the word: the suit isn’t leather. It’s WAXED WOOL.

Yes, this is another exquisitely tailored suit (look at the line of his long legs and the perfect leg breaks) in black waxed wool. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I love it. It’s funky and daring, while still dapper and elegant. So it has the style of leather without the innate stiffness. Might have to find a name for this baby, too.

Yeah baby, yeah.


Wait, focus here for a moment!


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15 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – The BDSM Suit or 50 Shades of RA?

  1. He did look outstanding here. I think this is my favorite of his looks thus far and I can’t wait to see what he wears in North America. One quibble: it’s BDSM. *cough*

    • So why are we naming the suit? Are we naming it George so you can hug him and love him and pet his long gears? Cause I don’t think he’s a bunny rabbit but I could be wrong.

      • Jazz, I think Judi fell in love with that first suit – you know the really debonair Mad Men-ish one. I assume that’s why she named it ‘George’ (although I really have no idea) – when I hear ‘George’, I think of ‘George Bailey’ from Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”. She claims it’s the SUIT she gushes for and not the MODEL who brought it to her attention. 😉

        Anyway, I presume she’s looking for a name for Suit (or should I say Suitor?) #2 for her affections. I just thought ‘Lex’ – as you know, it alliterates well with ‘Leather’, and is also the name of a worthy adversary to that do-gooder Clark Kent. 😉

        • Yes, yes, I want to “hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George” a la Bugs Bunny that was in turn a homage to Of Mice and Men.

          I don’t know why y’all don’t believe I’m squeeing over a suit, although like I said, the tall, buff, good looking man wearing it doesn’t hurt at all. Just sayin’.

          As for the suitor #2, *snerk*, yes, Lex does have a nice ring…

  2. Giggles! Great picture of the gang and RA in his waxed wool suit! Though I very much liked RA’s Wellington suit, the Tokyo suit was also nice–when the lighting made it look dark navy. And the cut and fit of both suits were superb! However, there was one shot where the lights hit the Tokyo suit and it blazed a neon blue–oh well, it still matched his eye color to perfection!

    I guess you could always say that RA in Tokyo is “the devilishly handsome man with the blue suit on”, or something like that. Ha! As to a name for the Tokyo suit? Waxed wool starts with “w’s”. So how does the spoonerism Waxol sound? No, you’re right. Sounds medicinal or like a cleaning product. Ha! Wil?

    And I’m excited about Toronto, probably only one time zone a way from me–so no need to stay up late for we middle of North America types. We can enjoy the live feeds in early evening real time–at least I hope there are live feeds of the red carpet.

  3. First, I love the new header. Very festive without being overly “Christmas-y”. Second, radiant is a great descriptor for RA (and is it coincidence the word begins with “RA”? I think not! You are so clever!). His radiance is more than his “star power” (which is growing exponentially by the minute now). He always exudes poise and conducts himself in such a gentlemanly manner in interviews. And for those of us who have followed him for years, that is the true RA…he has always been so polite and genuine with the media. His mother must be quite proud of how well her darling boy has turned out. Thanks for the great post (and even better photo).

    • Welcome Joan! Yes, he’s becoming more relaxed with each appearance. I’m sure his family is over the moon for him. So much for them to talk about for the holidays. 🙂

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