Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Serene Sunday Edition – Ave Maria

Richard Armitage thinks about his holiday gift list at the NYC premiere. Courtesy of

Another day when this intrepid reporter can do Real Life stuff.  The Christmas season is in full swing and I’ve done nothing.  Sure, I played Pissy Elf for friends over Thanksgiving weekend, helping them decorate FOUR trees, but I’ve done nothing at home. So, my own tree rises like the Sphinx today, come hell or high water.

As you may know, I start obsessively playing holiday music in the middle of November.  Doesn’t everybody?  But with The Hobbit tour blitz and wall-to-wall RA coverage, I’ve not even blogged a single holiday song yet.  Oi!

Anyway, every time a certain song plays in my list, I starting thinking. (This might not always be a good thing, but bear with me).  I begin visualizing a certain person singing a certain song.  No, not O Holy Night, but Ave Maria, the Bach-Gunod version.  How did you guess?

I’ve heard this song performed by many tenors, but not other voice types I can recall.  However, because of the low, slow, tranquil movement of the music, I believe it can be done by other singers, such as a baritone, like say… RA.  See how I segued to Serene Sunday there?

Think about it, Dear Reader, having heard him sing Lonely Mountain, don’t you think he could do Ave Maria?  It requires more crooning than hitting very high notes; I think he could do it.  Playing in the background is Ave Maria sung by Perry Como.  He was a tenor who crooned most of his pieces.  Gaze at the picture (hard work, I know), and imagine RA’s lower register, singing it.

Would it work?

Have a serene Sunday.






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10 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Serene Sunday Edition – Ave Maria

  1. RA singing Ave Maria? I get goosebumps at the mere thought of it, so not feeling very serene at all I’m afraid.

  2. Perry Como was one of my father’s favorite male singers, so I grew up listening to him. He had such a lovely voice! I fully agree that Richard would be a wonderful crooner. Although I highly doubt he would ever try a recording career, I have high hopes that he will star on Broadway. Then, we’d be able to listen to the show’s original cast album over and over again. Yeah! I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. 😉

    Enjoy the Sabbath Day!

    • I watched Perry Como’s Christmas show every year, just to hear the choir segment at the end singing O Holy Night and Ave Maria. Simply beautiful. No, I don’t think he will return to anything musical either, unless he’s offered something really interesting on Broadway or the West End.

      Same to you. 🙂

  3. Judi, you’re killing me. I’m certainly not only getting goosebumps when imagining him chanting…. Whoa! Look at him…… Arrrhh………..
    Somehow I can’t envision him singing “Ave Maria” but in any case he can croon/sing everything else to me in his slow deep voice and I would turn into a muddle puddle around a tweetled beetle (was that it?)… Oh, words fail me!
    BTW Thanks for Perry Como. I haven’t heard him in a while and he is def perfect for this serene (or not so serene) Sunday and good luck for your rising Sphinx…

      • Oh, this should solely be a Dr. Seussss quote, whom I’ve read only yesterday and my head is still a “whirling tongue twister” or was it just one of this new and fabulous pictures of THE MAN…
        You much for a serene Sunday. 🙂

      • BTW I would so much love to be a fly on the wall and watch how you conquer the tree!!! Sounds worthwhile….

  4. Oh yes, RA would be perfect , preferably in duet with lyric soprano*sigh* 🙂
    I’ve never heard this version , but I enjoyed it immensly. Thank you!

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