Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Rocking the Old Hipster

Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, and Andy Serkis rock the old fart metrosexual. Courtesy of

I was just about to doze off but checked Twitter one last time.  Then this picture caught my eye.  First I noticed RA’s leather trousers (naturally), but then something about the three of them caught my eye and I can’t stop laughing.

There’s Andy Serkis, curls slicked into a mohawk (or is it a greaser?).  Martin Freeman has Austin Powers hair and his “I just don’t give a f**k about the press” shades.  RA has a bit of fluffy spikes going.  But hey, this is the Arias.  They’ve morphed from dapper dandies to (hopefully) together hipsters, just for this event.  So, let’s take a closer look.

Martin Freeman might be channeling Austin Powers on a bad day but it’s his usual hot mess.  Dude, shiny patent leather loafers with once turned up jeans with the hem showing? Green gingham, hot pink paisley and something resembling a jacket.  Alrighty, let’s move swiftly on.

RA starts out promisingly (maybe) at his leather sneakers, moves up to the nice tight leather blue grey pants, and then ruins it with dad’s nice polo shirt and a suit coat. (EDIT: I’ve thrown in the towel on the shoes and leather pants, too. See my verdict in the comments.)  What happened, luv?  And that jacket had better not have come from the $5,000 suit ensemble!  That’s a no-no. (EDIT: I’m reassured it is not).  The outfit works too hard at looking pulled together, but I’m not buying it.  Why do I get the sneaking suspicion RA overruled his stylist and had something to do with this outfit?  Sigh.

Let’s look at Andy.  He’s wearing jeans (twice turned up), two-toned oxfords, a fancy t-shirt with a gold “My Precious” emblem and a suit jacket forgiven by the fact that it has a silky sheen.  They look like what they are: three middle aged men trying to look cool in a venue half their age, and cracking me up, doing it.  They are trying sooooo hard!  Too cute!

I submit, Dear Reader, that if you can get past RA’s leather trousers, you will agree that Andy manages to pull off his look (sans the mohawk) the best, mostly because he’s not trying.  Martin works too hard at being bohemian.  RA?  Well, he’ll have to ask his stylist.


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  1. Sorry Judiang, I can’t get past the trousers. They are just…where was I? Oh yeah, they make up for the rest of RA’s outfit. I think you may be right about him going against advice on this one though. And that jacket does look suspiciously familiar.

    • But then he stands next to the other two and they point up the unfortunate half. Also, there’s some the pants that make him look wider, rather than longer. Nice try, RA luv. 😉

  2. Andy’s tee shirt, reading”My Precious” is pretty good, as are his shoes. Martin has a unique fashioin sense, and Richard is ecelectic here. They are all cute in their efforts.

    • Yeah, he went from strength, to strength, to FABULOUS, to AHAHAHA! Dude! Hopefully he’ll reach for his stylist’s bag for the next premiere.

      Frankly, I hate the shoes too but wanted to give him brownie points. Didn’t help. 😉

  3. Who should wear such a T-shirt if not Gollum himself? MF’s hopeless style is growing on me. At least he is doing his own thing. RA? Well I though this outfit kind of worked. You can see that all materials are expensive (even the polo shirt) and that makes a difference. And one of his stylist’s rules is that you can get away with a lot s long as it is all in the same colour family.

    But the whole thing had a big “three fish out of water” feeling. It is too early for them to be stars in their own right at a non-Hobbit related event. The folks there had no clue who they were and they were probably wondering what they are doing there as well.

    • I agree about the “three fish out water” feeling. The only known star was Andy Serkis and the others were along for the ride.

      The monochromatic rule usually works but only if the items are the same style. His top half is expensive work casual, while the bottom is sporty night club (can’t even describe it). And I hate the shoes (like I hate most of his shoes except for the premiere ones). The polo shirt looks soooo soft, though.

      • Yes, the polo must have been cashmere. It would go well with a beautiful pair of casual slacks and some beautiful leather shoes. The pants and shoes still have me slightly traumatized. He better bring it when he goes to NYC, because that is one of the style capitals of the world. I bet he’ll wear black over there, which is the standard work “uniform” for executives and the very rich. I hope he goes back to looking dashing. His handlers should strive to get him into all the major Best Dressed Men’s lists. It would certain help his career. I only pray that he finds a good person to be by his side, and not a gold-digger! We all want him to be very happy, I’m sure.

    • LOL, Jane!! “Three fish out of water”!! Kind of like the Three Amigos?? 🙂

      I do think it’s always a good idea that RA be partnered up with others (MF & AS here) – as he seems to benefit from having ‘wing-men’ nearby to counter-act his own nervous energy…

      But how can Freeman’s style be growing on you??? Unless by that you mean – you’ve come to look forward to seeing what new variant of ‘hot mess’ he’ll bring? For some reason, he actually looks like a female in the pic above?? 😉

      • Yes, I think it is a great idea to send those three together on the world tour. Martin and Andy are a lot more outgoing and seem to be more at ease and I hope it helps to be with them. Especially as all get their time to speak, may it be at the awards ceremony or in interviews.

        It takes courage to dress like Martin Freeman. Is not one who doesn’t care how he looks, like PJ or AS or RA on a normal day, and he is not relying on a stylist either. He must know that his style is unconventional at best but he sticks to it and choose this things consciously. And yes, I’m looking forward to MF’s next outfit!

        • I’d say it might fall less on ‘courage’ for Martin Freeman and a little more on the side of arrogance, impatience, and perhaps even disdain for his would-be ‘judges’.

          His attitude is very different to that of other British actors I’ve seen: e.g., Armitage, Fassbender, Hiddleston – these 3 always surprise me with their core humility to just be working actors. Fassbender & Hiddleston are more naturally extroverted in dealing with the press, but I never get the sense any of them take their career fortunes for granted.

          But I agree – sending these 3 on World Tour is sincerely a Win-Win-Win for everyone. 😀

  4. Now now Judi, please don’t be too hard on RA. I for one am proud of him for this show of independence from the stylist’s (good though she is) influence! I dislike those shoes intensely. The white soles are way too thick! He looks as if he’s standing on some sort of weird platform. 🙂
    Martin is Martin. I wonder what goes on in his head when he puts together his look for the day. How does he pick those things he puts on his breast pockets? How big a collection does he have of those hilarious handkerchief sort of items? As for Andy- I think that’s his natural style of dressing. He looks OK, love the T-shirt!

    • The problem with RA exercising independence is he still has an undeveloped sense of style. While it’s true he’ll need to venture forth on his own, this tour isn’t a good time to do it.

      Did I mention I hate the shoes? 😉

        • I second that! I love what the stylist has done to him, but it is adorable that old Richard who struggles with his cloths is still underneath. I don’t hate the shoes at all. And I don’t mind the mixture. The premier suit just wasn’t Richard.

          • WAIT!!!
            Did you say … that… that.. you … didn’t……. the.. the… THE SUIT OF PORN?!!!!!!!!!!!

            *faints dead away*

            • I may be the only person the world who thought something about the premier look was off. Maybe it is just too conservative, maybe it is the tie. I don’t know. I felt slightly alienated by red carpet Richard. And I love the outfits from the airport and the press conference.

              • Yes, Jane I think you are about the only person in the world who doesn’t like the Divine Suit! LOL 🙂

        • Yes Judit! I’m at one with you. I think he just looks perfect here! I mean perfect for this occasion and for being Richard Armitage! He is not overly dressed, still a bit casual, for sure expensive, and for heaven’s sake I’m not awaiting another Rock-Star actor (like e.g. Johnny Depp!). He should feel comfy in what he wears, and especially events like this music award ceremonies, where such a lot of bad taste clothing (sexy! Huhh!) is usually displayed, it is soothing to look at him. I’m actually not an overly lover of grey and black clothing, as I usually prefer a bit more courage to colours. I loved the way he dressed the last days. He looked utterly and breathtakingly gorgeous and I adored his suit on the red carpet.
          Yeah, those sneakers are not my no. 1 but they match ok here.
          What bothers me more are those unprepared stupid people with a microphone in their hands (journalists?), who just babble for the babbles sake, and not even know the simplest things like how to approach the celebrities, and to ask a halfway reasonable question, as it obviously happened again at this event. (Mr. Armitaaaaash) Woohoo!!

  5. I have a lovely vision of them sitting in the hotel and hatching the plan to go dressed as old rockers using what they had in their suitcases. RA wore the same shoes to Zealandia and i’m even going to speculate the same jeans – i think they are waxed cotton and look more shiny at the ARIA’s because of flash bulbs. I also have a bad feeling the jacket is the lovely premiere one.

  6. Love this photo and essay! Let’s face it gals, RA could wear a flour sack and we would think he looked good. Though I am in agreement about those white soles on his shoes. *shudder*

    ‘I can’t tell if those trousers are leather or not. But considering there isn’t a fire extinguisher in this picture, his trousers look like they “fit” him very well. Giggles! I am so wicked sometimes. *wink*

    Stylist? What Stylist? The shirt has to go. Ha! And a leather jacket would have been better the the suit jacket. Though I don’t think it is his premiere jacket–which had much wider lapels. And we should check to see if a 4th button is missing on the jacket’s left sleeve–per Kitty–as was the case with his premiere suit jacket. Ha! Really, I think there needs to be a garanimals clothing line for men sometimes. Ha!

  7. Just to confirm what Grati said, this is not the Zegna blazer, which has very retro peaked lapels. This item has totally conventional thin lapels. It also was not cheap and looks like it might have been altered, but it’s not the premiere jacket.

  8. Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I’ve looked harder at RA’s leather pants. Something is wrong there. Is it the color or cut that’s emphasizing the width of his thighs over the length of leg? It’s just not speaking to me like it should.

      • Yes. The eye is trapped between the button of the polo shirt and the end of the pant legs. The thick soles of the shoes also don’t help. He’s should have come dressed as Guy instead. 😉

        • yeah, if you read what I said about the way the trouser break ends the leg line — here’s a slack with no break or almost no break, which is really what you want with jeans. But then he creates a drastic visual line under his feet with the soles of those shoes. i didn’t like them when I saw them in the Zealandia candid and I don’t like them here. It would be different if he had on a lighter color on top, or a different color pant …

          • *takes notes*
            Okay, so longer cut with a medium break, different color and shoes with no contrasting bottom, ditched or different jacket, and a rad shirt.

            Yup, better coming as Sir Guy. 😀

            Seriously, longer, black leather pants, black shoes, silky black shirt. BOOM.

            • No, I actually like the no break in jeans on him if he has boots on or shoes that don’t contrast to the color of the trouser. My point when I was writing about what he had on the airport was that the minimizing break made his leg look really long. Here the shoe interferes with that. I kind of wouldn’t pick these trousers for him, period — but there’s a real divergence of opinion on what to do with those things in Armitageworld. I need to finish that jeans post. Why can’t I write faster.

              In defense of the polo shirt with blazer — that’s a style that looks terrible to U.S. eyes but you see it much more often in Europe.

  9. Hilarious!! Both your post Judi and all the comments… I will have to send post pics of potential outfits for you to comment on if I plan to attend a function. 😉

    • Hey, we are a fastidious and exacting group (well, some of us. ;)). Nothing but perfection for our man.

      I’m sure we can assist you in any future ensembles. 😀

  10. la la la la la…I do not listen to you! la la la la al..I do not hear you!!

  11. Four words. Black jeans. Black T-shirt. These always work. But no one told RA. ::sobs::

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