Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Radiance Becomes Him

Richard Armitage sets fans screaming at the Tokyo Hobbit premiere. Screencap Courtesy of






To my delight, ItsJSForMe sacrificed sleep for us and screencapped The Hobbit premiere in Japan.  The pics are blowing me away.  While my snarky half tussles with the gushing fangurl in my next post, let me become totally shallow now and ask:  How is it that he’s more beautiful than he was in New Zealand?  He’s positively glowing.  You’d think it was his wedding or something.

More later.

6 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Radiance Becomes Him

  1. I like your gushing fangurl self, Judi!!!! Don’t know how he does it. What will he look like by the time he gets to London and in my vicinity???? Whoaaaa………..

  2. Restraining oneself from gushing just now, during these promotional tours, requires immense self-discipline. And I’m losing the battle…

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