Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Oh NO He Didn’t!

Richard Armitage babbles incoherently to GreenDragon. Poor baby.  Courtesy of TORn.

Here I sat piecing together thoughts on the Great NY Adventure, when I suffered a terrifying visual hallucination.  From what I recollect, TORn released its Monday interview of our boy.  They quote RA as saying this:

 “God I can’t wait!  I miss that beard!  It was really weird.  I hated it when I had it, and then when I shaved it off, I was like, ‘Where’s my chin?!’”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  But after ascertaining I had not suffered a stroke, my outrage turned to TORn.  Slander!  Libel!  They blaspheme!  But reassured that TORn is a reputable outfit which would never misquote RA, I had to turn sadly to the source.  My disappointment has been deep, my conviction shattered.  So after prolonged chanting and centering of my chi, I solemnly compose this letter:

Dear Rich,

WTF is wrong wit choo???!!!  Are you serious?.  Did you forget the itching and scratching involved with growing a beard already?  Your chin is right there on your face, luv.  Right there clearly defined where we can see it, as it is intended.  I know it was nice not shaving every morning, but let’s not go crazy! It hid your chin!  I also realize you find talk about your looks hilarious, but it is what it is, dude.  The last I looked, the Grizzly Adams look is not the thing nor the best look for you.  If anybody tells you otherwise, they are deceived, Rich.  Deceeeeived!  

Just grow the beard for the last bit of filming, shave Fuzzy Wuzzy immediately afterwards, pull up your big boy pants and move on.  That weird feeling too shall pass again.  I’ll just put this down to delirium caused by fatigue along with the reference to being 6 feet 3.5.

No love,


PS: Don’t even think about keeping it!

PPS: Call your stylist!

PPPS: Erm, please.

PPPS: Just wear George, Lex or Fernando again and we can put this behind us.  Scout’s honor.  *


Ahh, I feel better now.  Hopefully, the NYC adventure will be posted Friday or over the weekend.


[*Fake letter is fake, but you knew that already.]





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15 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Oh NO He Didn’t!

  1. He did! Love the beard and love that he misses the beard. I can’t imagine him keeping it beyond filming, unless he decides he needs to go incognito. So you probably have nothing to worry about.

  2. RA looks so young without his beard–he can get 30 year old roles that way. But the beard? Oh my, it just gives him an edge. He looks so, commanding and older with his beard. He can really portray quite an age range. But secretly, I like to see his clean shaven or stubbly chin, too. Ha!

  3. Couldn’t have said it any better myself Judi! Let’s hope that hairy growth disappears into nirwana after the end of filming!! Excellent idea about the stylist too!!!

  4. My sides are aching with laughing so much and I have tears in my eyes which I assure you are caused by the laughter and not the idea of Richard with a beard again! Your gonna hate me because I have to admit the beard grew on me. 🙂 Not literally, I’m thankful to say, as a few of those things that somehow keep wanting to appear on my chin are quite enough to cope with – thank you very much!

    I never thought I’d become a lover of the beard but I did and actually printed off a large picture of him with it from Comic Con which I refer to as “My Bearded Beauty”. I really am far gone. Sorry judiang. 🙁

    • It is the only beard i have ever liked but i still think the nicest thing about it was that when it came off we were smitten all over again by the beautiful face it had been covering.

      I think Mr Armitage is playing with us on this though. We now know he is aware of some of what is being said in the community and he will know there is fierce debate over the merits of The Beard. So he teases us by suggesting it might become a more permanent fixture. I don’t think so Mr A – it will come and go depending on the film script.

      The other possibility (which has crossed my mind more than once during this feast of information) is that RA has found a potential Mrs A in NZ and she wants the face she fell in love with back.

      • That could be possibilities, both of what you said. I do hope he has/will find somebody. What good is money and success if you have nobody to share it with?

  5. LMAO!!! THAT’s what you were referring to last night!!!
    When I read the interview, I laughed out loud. I just knew someone (*wink wink*) would react this way.

    MHO … he looks good (read: devastatingly handsome) with it, without it and somewhere in between.

    Judi … you realize that if he gets a stylist, they could possibly tell him that a full beard is the way for him to go, right? *snicker* (/me hides behind Jas to avoid Judi’s wrath)

  6. What can I say, except 😀 😀 :D. (On the “wrong side of the face”) A mouse died while on the Net. No actual animals were harmed….(House cat not involved, as far as the evidence shows. Got the RCMP working on it…)

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