Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Liveblogging the Royal Premiere

Live streaming of the London Royal premiere has started.  Livestreams are here and here.  The Leicester Square webcam is here.  Time stated is my time.

11:15AM:  Streaming starts!  Looks like they transplanted the stage set from NZ.  And coming is Andy Serkis.  It looks quite cold but Andy looks psyched.  He’s traveling the green carpet sans coat with his wife and kids.  His wife wears a backless dress.  Must be freezing!  Lots and lots and lots of security.  Lots.  Older couple walking down.  Nobody knows who they are.  The commentator is…er… not commenting.

11:26AM: Martin Freeman arrives.  He’s cleaned up again! Imagine that.  No fool him.  He’s in a coat and gloves.  No need to catch pneumonia.  Closely following is Sir Ian McKellen also looking dapper.

11:29AM  Cate Blanchett arrives wearing a white backless…something…. gown.  It looks like a snug ripped sheet.  A dwarf has arrived.  He gets no name and no introduction.  Sorry Adam Brown.

11:32AM: The rotten commentator interviews Stephen Hunter about Bombur.  Stephen cleans up nice in a tux as well.  He described Bombur as mostly ginger. “Ginger’s going to be back in. I’m sure of it.”

11:37AM:  James Nesbitt is already on the scene and doling out autographs.  The photographers emerge.  Wait, there is our man Richard Armitage in a fabulous tux and —!  And they cut away to an interview with Adam Brown.  WTF???  Saw him for only a hot second ladies.

Wait… he’s looking FABULOUS.  And there’s Sir Ian again.  Did I mention how much I love Sir Ian?  Now an interview with Graham McTavish looking dashing.  His Dwalin is a Hell’s Angel with axes.

11:45AM:  And here is Sylvester McCoy, Rhadaghast.  Nobody wants to know about him.  Okaaay, he’s cleaned up in a nice matching tux.

11:50AM:  Another shot of RA who is standing around with his PR woman, not signing autographs.  Now Sir Peter Jackson is on the scene.  He dressed up, matches and everything!  There’s the boy band, McFly

11:55AM: Cate Blanchett shivers her way through an interview.  She’s so cold she mentioned going back in a TARDIS.  Poor thing.  “Peter is exactly the same, except he’s wearing shoes.”

11:57AM:  Andy is STILL working the crowd.  He seems to thrive on this.  Sir Ian is up next for the interview.  Ian to the commentator: “Are you done?”

12:03PM: Martin Freeman gets a reception at the interview.  Left the shades but kept on the gloves.  His hair is brushed back just so.  And he’s being his usual self sans the F bombs.  Congrats Martin.

A view of The Tux, Francoise.  Screencap courtesy of

A view of The Tux, Francois. Screencap courtesy of

12:06PM: RICHARD! Cheers for him.  He dreamed he got lost and couldn’t find his way to the cinema.  he looks happy and psyched.  Love the tux. Love the tie, rests at his neckline just so.  Lovely white shirt with mini pleats.  Looks like he got a hair cut (why!!!).  He wore formula 41 vests to cool them down, and were zipped into a cooling tent to keep the smell away.  Cute, Rich. Servetus just capped the hell out of this interview here.

12:11PM:  Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman, the double act, come up next.  I think they enjoy being the Bobsey Twins. Very jokey, completing each other’s thoughts.  Oh and yes, they clean up quite nicely too.

12:15PM:  A girl group in some wild fluttering costumes. Who are they?  What are they?  No clue.  Anyway, here is Andy for a chat.  Impersonation of Gollum in 3…2…1…. “Hello world!”

12:19PM:  James Nesbitt comes up flashing his dimples, chatting about Bofur.  He’s looking dashing, but as wonderfully as RA.  Naturally.

12:21PM: Sir Peter is looking uncharacteristically put together.  Haven’t seen his feet, but they might be matching dress shoes.

12:32PM: Finally group shots on the stage/set.  RA has the unfortunate knack for somehow standing in the back.  Sigh.  Cate rushes over for more autographs despite the fact she’s clearly freezing.  What a lady.

12:45PM:  HRH the Duke of Cambridge arrives.  Hey, Prince William!   Heh, didn’t even acknowledge the crowd.  Sounds like his official announcer calling off the dignitaries in a receiving line.  Didn’t realize how tall Prince William is.  Wow, this next guy in line looks nervous enough to pass out.  Sheesh, they are bringing out the bosses of very media studio and cinema and Prince William makes small talk with all of them.

1:01PM: The prince finally meets RA.  A head bow.  And my lip reading absolutely failed me.  Sorry all.  But he looked cool and collected.  And his mother behind him is lovely.

RA meets Prince William with his mother looking on. Courtesy of MorrighansMuse

RA meets Prince William with his mother looking on. Courtesy of MorrighansMuse

1:15PM:  Children present Wills with his 3D glasses.  They are ready to rock and roll!


17 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Liveblogging the Royal Premiere

  1. That was Mrs. John Armitage?? How lovely! (How did you know, Judi? Oh, of course Twitter?) Something about the facial structure…

    Last I read, the prince was 6’2″. Obviously old news. Closer to 6’4″?

    • Yes, that’s his mummy. I saw a pic of him with her for a red carpet thing while he doing RH. Have never been able to find that pic again.

      I hear Prince Wills is 6’3″. He’s definitely taller than RA. If RA swears he’s now 6″2.5″ , then Wills is 6’4″.

  2. Live blogging again! What a difference just a few weeks makes between Wellington and London! Tonight, I was stuck at the office working to clear the backlog of items not gotten to while I was working in NYC last week and on holiday before that.

    Did glance up at the monitors above my head to see SKY news snippets from the Hobbit Premiere interviews (Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Jimmy Nesbitt, and Sir Ian) aired from time to time!! 🙂

    I think everyone looked quite dashing this evening (including Martin!!). All were dressed appropriately (as loyal subjects) for their evening with the HRHs. 😉

    • Yes, everybody did look quite spiffy. Martin matched, Peter wore shoes, and even Sylv was coordinated. Nothing less for HRH.

      Of course, Francois won this pageant, don’t you think? 😉

      • Argh. Okay – forgive me for the uber-delay in responding to your rhetorical question above! I didn’t feel I could respond without first properly viewing the rest of the Suit(or)s.

        I’m going to have to give the award for this evening’s Best Dressed Suit(or) at the Prince’s ball … to…. Graham McTavish’s Suit! Something about the tie-clip just catches my eye – and I can’t help but notice how super masculine he still looks even all dolled up for the Prince. 😉

  3. THANK YOU Judi for the liveblogging! I was at work while this was happening, and I stole a few surreptitious glances at twitter but I couldn’t sit and watch the livestream slack-jawed (as I would have liked to do.) Isn’t RA just the cutest with his MOM, I CAN’T EVEN…! She’s totally kvelling. And she should be.

    I’m so happy not just for RA but for everyone who worked on this film. I can’t wait to see it!

    • Glad you liked it. I like liveblogging. It’s great having a record of an event.

      Isn’t his mother lovely? I’m sure she’s bursting with pride for her son. 🙂

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