Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Liveblogging Preamble

This is a quick away post and I can’t include fancy stuff like pics and links.  So, bear with me.

Today is the Big Day for Richard Armitage and the cast of The Hobbit in Wellington.  Tweet is jumping with chatter and TOrN is doing an hourly countdown.  Tumblr is going gif-wild.  Blogs are churning the suspense.  The tsunami of RA and TH press is more than making up for the long drought.  I will start liveblogging the event later so watch this space.  The chatroom is open to all for group watching of the festivities starting at 8:00PM CST.  If you’re the first to arrive, no worries.  Just sit tight, and they will come. 

I’m sure that RA is a bit nervous but filled with nothing but happy thoughts today.  Some fans have vocalized  trepidation and protectiveness towards him, but let’s remember that today is his Big Day and think only positive thoughts along with him. 

I suspect he would appreciate that more.

BTW, don’t forget to Gift Bomb his JustGiving page in lieu of flowers and gifts.  You know you want to!


5 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Liveblogging Preamble

    • This is amazing. We are actually watching a movie star being born. I’ve never experienced this in fandom before. Don’t feel so jaded anymore.

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