Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – Liveblogging Begins!

All times here are Central Standard Time because, you know, that’s the center of the world.  This post will be updated as the evening progresses to make following easier.

The chatroom is open here.


In the last few hours, there’s been a press conference and song sung by Neil Flynn.  Other than that, nobody seems to know what’s going on. Need to dig for pretty pictures.


They are late starting.  Streaming is showing costumed crowds along the long red carpet.. wait, they are finally arriving!!!!!


The reporters are out welcoming the viewers, followed by a long Hobbit trailer to whet the appetite. Sounds like a long voice over by RA and Ian McKellan.


I believe Neil Finn begins with a few songs on a coolly decorated stage.  Have never seen this kind of film premiere before.  Looks like a gorgeous summer afternoon.


Goodness, this is turning into  Crowded House concert. Personally, I prefer that they cut to the chase -the stars of the film.  Not that I’m biased or anything.


I’ve been enlightened this is a mini Neil Finn concert.  Then it REALLY begins.  Can’t wait to see what Cate Blanchett wears.  Yes, I’m lying.


Finn sings Lonely Mountain.  People in chat complain that Richard Armitage, er, the cast could have sung it better.  No bias or anything.  Meanwhile, Gandalf still stands at the hobbit’s door, waiting to knock.  His arm must be getting tired.


Meanwhile over on TORn fans are asking what’s so special about RA.  Oh ho.  Neil Finn was trying to get the crowd to sing.  They seem tired too.


Peter Jackson emerges from his limo to instantly get swept into fan autographs.  The interviewer manages to peel him away.   He waves to the people of Wellington.  They seem to love him.  Aww, they introduce his daughter Katy.


The next limo pulls up and it’s… Phillipa Boyens looking lovely in a black pantsuit.


The next one up is…Martin Freeman, all cleaned up  and actually matching … er… in a black leisure suit with pale pastel teal tie.  Unfortunately he’s kept on his sunglasses.  Hmm.


Up next is….. James Nesbitt with his daughter.  He’s looking fine in a dark suit and tasteful micro checkered tie.  RA is in the background being interviewed by another group.

Richard Armitage debuts on the world stage. Screen cap courtesy of

A wider view of the new movie star. Screen cap courtesy of


RA is there, looking FABULOUS in a dark navy Zegna suit, white shirt, and wine tie with a straight plain gold tie clip.  Hair looks good, mild scruff, twinkling eyes.  He seems to be a bit awed by it all. He saw the film for the first time on Sunday.  Working with the green screen required him to engage the imagination more.  When asked about being one of the “pin-ups”  in the film, he turned it off being a hot dwarf as in being really hot in their costumes.  Funny, dear.  And then he’s released to the crowd.  Was it my imagine or did the female interviewer seem to like him?

And then Andy Serkis and the cutie pie boys, Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner appear.  They are also looking quite ’60s in their dark suits and dark slim ties.  They joke about their bromance and fun on the project.  Aidan’s curls are back.  That’s all Aidan fans need to know.  Oh, and Elijah Wood, who loves to dress with like a nerd with the top button done.  And then the kiwi actors and then… oh hell, I’m done.



RA again!  He never thought he would be picked to play a dwarf.  They partied a lot behind the scenes.  Now he makes his way towards the stage.  Oh boy, there’s more after all. Everybody seems to be interviewed every 250 feet. Except for RA.


Finally the official speeches begin with the mayor of Wellington and prime minister of New Zealand kissing major studio ass. Then the heads of MGM studios, who promised to keep it short -but lied. A streaker would have been nice.   I’ve never seen a movie premiere like this that been going for over THREE hours. Goodness.


Sir Peter finally takes the stage, walking through the hobbit door in Bag’s End. Then the introduction of the cast. First the old timers and then the newcomers including you know who.


They all pose in a row for pictures and then – it’s OVAH!  And after that, they have to sit through the movie.  Again.

Now, I have to mull over RA’s report card.  But first, I need to see his other interviews.


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