19 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – Blue Steel, Baby

    • Giggles! So do you think RA has a little “John Standring or Harry Kennedy” in him with his tie clip choice?

      Now I wonder if the tie clip has a pattern or engraving on it. Nope! Can’t tell what’s on the tie clip.. I just zoomed to hi-res in Photoshop. Ha! But it would have been cool if his tie clip had been a little Orcrist, or had the ring writings on it. Ha!

        • I agree, Judi! I’ve really sucked at keeping up with the periodic time jumps in Mad Men (from season to season) – but all I could think was, ‘Woah, which season of Mad Men is this??’ More likely, just showing that he COULD.

          So GLAD he was advised to get the stylist (apparently a specialty of hers?). She probably said – “Guess what newbie – all eyes are on you for the multiple red carpets. Know what this means? It means We get to PLAY!! We Get to Play ‘Dress-Up Richard Armitage’!!”

          AND she gets paid for it. 😉

    • Jazzy, I recall you had some connectivity problems with the stream early on, right?
      It was the first thing AwkwardCelebEncounters and I chatted when he appeared behind James Nesbitt – simultaneously typing, “Tie clip” 😉

      Or perhaps that Tennessee Bourbon was even better than you were letting on? 🙂

      • LOL…my computer crashed about five times all totaled. I really really like the tie clip.

  1. Judi – ha ha ha – lovely post. It was a little funny to note that two different interviewers from two separate streams of the premiere both referred to the “Blue Steel” of Thorin Oakenshield. 😉

    Also, a very lovely picture you’ve attached above to prove the point – just in case there was ANY DOUBT as to the power and dominance of the “Blue Steel”. 😀

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