Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – An Englishman in NYC

Richard Armitage models almost-James. Yes, this is the best part. Courtesy of Getty Images.


I’m still tired to the bone.  Sadly the NYC Adventure post isn’t happening tonight.  Trying to keep up with the relentless hype seems to be wearing.  Cannot even begin to imagine how the cast is getting through all this.  Yet, they have 8 days to go.

The NYC premiere was a clearly a low key affair with no live streaming fans could find.  Most news came from our TeamThorin on the scene, tweets from Warner Brothers, and pictures from Getty Images. After four days of steady publicity, the big American premiere was – a bit anemic in comparison with NZ and Japan.  It felt a bit embarrassing actually.  Sheesh, Big Apple.  What happened?

Anyway, I finally got to see a potential new suitor #4, whom I’ve tentatively named James. (Thanks for the help, Twitter!).  I say tentative because I’ve not decided whether James is worthy of my affections.  Don’t get me wrong; the glen plaid tweed is lovely and the cobalt blue tie really brings out RA’s gorgeous eyes.  However, after a diet of superbly fitted suits like George and Fernando (do keep up), this particular English cut was a bit off putting.  IMHO, the jacket style places the waist a bit too high to flatter RA’s longer torso and lower natural waist. It doesn’t accentuate his lean form.  Not to mention the trousers hint at on-coming male camel toe.   Just sayin’.

I was about to include a full portrait of sorta-James but then realized this one is all you need to see.   Am I right?




EDIT: I’ve added a full length shot for more research and analysis.  Of course.  See what I mean?  The waistcoast is nice, but the style does not flatter his build.  And yes, those trousers are too tight honey.  TeamThorin remarked on Twitter that they hugged his rear quite tightly, so I feel vindicated in my observation.  What is male camel toe?  It’s when tight fabric gets really really friendly with a man’s junk.  Should a style like this frame anything like that there?  I think not.

EDIT: His stylist says it’s a Michael Bastian flannel from the Winter 2012 collection.   Well.

Richard Armitage breaks from shooting pheasants to pose at they NYC premiere. Courtesy of WireImage























I say now…


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26 thoughts on “Richard Armitage: A Star Is Born – An Englishman in NYC

  1. Frankly, nothing except London and the upcoming tuxedo (Yeah!) will ever eclipse the perfection of that NZ dreamy suit. Still, I applaud him for taking fashion risks. At least he is going for the Big Leagues with guns blazing! We all know how much he loves to eat and – after two years of dieting (I am including his months of preparation at home before flying to NZ to begin filming), he probably was starving and sat down to eat and said ‘To hell with it’, reaching for the high-calories food. So, I welcome “chunky” Richard, with his wider, still very much muscular and strong frame. Eat all you want during the holidays, Richard; you’ll be back in training before you know it. He will probably go to France and ski before he goes back to NZ. I hope he and his family have a wonderful time. He sure deserves all the good things life has in store for him as the fruits of his labors. I just love him!
    P.S: To me, he was channeling Professor Higgins tonight! ;D

    • I agree about George, he was so dreamy.

      But that’s the thing about this suit I don’t like – the cut makes him look wider and hints at a paunch he does not have. It dips in at the widest part of his torso. Up close, the man is very slender; you would surprised how slender. Photos definitely put 15 pounds on him.

      • The problem is, when you add the cut to the pattern of the fabric, the optical illusion of a wide girth compounds, making him look chunky. Then, like you said, the camera naturally adds pounds too…but you know what? I’d rather see him in this than in those horrid waxed jeans which were not only indecent, but too short for his height. I love him in regular, classic dark jeans – real denim for a real man. Seriously, Richard, why don’t you please come to Dallas to film a modern cowboy movie? I would love to see you handle some cattle and wear a 5-gallon hat! ;p

  2. Apart from a fleeting glimpse on Frenz’ video this is the only picture i have seen of James (i was fancying Hamish as a name myself though). I need to see a full length shot to assess properly, especially around the groinal area – purely in the name of research and analysis of course; it will give me no pleasure. Personally i like a grey check on a man and i am applauding the waistcoat – he does seem to be having a good stab at bringing Grandpa fashions back. I am also a fan of the chunkier man so he can chow down on whatever he feels like as far as i’m concerned. I’m not sure if he will be allowed to go ski-ing though – at least until he has finished shooting the final scenes in TH.

  3. I really wasn’t paying any attention to the suit either. Couldn’t get past those magnificent eyes.

    • Mr. Rogers wasn’t actually a suit. It was a blazer paired with leather trousers. My considered opinion is he managed to rock the cardigan/college professor look, but only if he had kept the jacket on. Many photos show the jacket removed.

      • I believe his stylist confirmed the trousers as being waxed denim…not leather. I know an interviewer said leather but the stylist disagreed and one would hope she’d know 😉

    • Poor Richard. Not only does he have Thighs of Thunder, but his P.H.D. also creates a fitting problem when it comes to his pants. It’s not the man’s fault that he is … especially endowed. He would have to wear much wider pants to hide his assets and, frankly, wouldn’t we be the losers then? I don’t think those pants were tight. The waxed leather jeans he wore in Japan, however? Dang, Richard!!! I almost died.

  4. I’m really torn about this one. I think it looks fine and he’s definitely fine in it but it really doesn’t say NYC to me. His other clothing has been place appropriate and this is just off. Or maybe I’m sulking about the lack of Ramones t-shirt. I’m wondering, though, if the gang over at Go Fug Yourself would take a request.

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