Richard Armitage: A Star is Born – A Different View of George and Lex

Richard Armitage and “George” together. Courtesy of

While I rhapsodized over George (the Zegna suit) and Lex (the BDSM suit), our irrepressible Jane had different reactions. I was so flabbergasted she didn’t want to marry George, that I dashed off an email asking if she wanted to guest blog a rebuttal.  She replied that she wasn’t sure if she had enough for a post but I could paraphrase her thoughts.   Here is what she thought of my beloved “George”:

“Basically I think it’s boring. It’s the kind of suit I associate with politicians and businessmen if it is expensive, or bank clerks if not so expensive. It’s a requirement for certain jobs or occasions- a uniform. And not one that has anything to do with RA. It is a costume for him. The casual and semi-formal outfits we saw during the last few days are still him, just much better quality and most of the time combined with care. I like seeing him wearing clothes that fit well and are made of high quality materials, because that always shows. But I don’t want him to look like a model. It isn’t that I dislike the suit, it was obviously what was appropriate for the event (some other actors wore something similar) and I’m not opposed to high quality. But it wasn’t a revelation and an indication of a “new Richard.”

Richard Armitage debuts “Lex.” Courtesy of

Jane also has a few things to say about “Lex”: I’m also not too keen on the suit from Tokyo, I think the shiny material looks tacky. It is probably meant to look cool. I really liked some of the three part suits the stylist put Bradley Cooper in and have hoped for something like that. I have no clue for which occasions three piece suits are appropriate; maybe they weren’t right for a daytime premiere.  With a conventional suit, I would have preferred an open collar with no tie (like at the Captain America NY premiere) or at least with a more colourful tie and shirt. I’m glad at least he didn’t wear a skinny suit with a thin tie as many much younger male celebrities with slighter builds do.

Jane feels RA is better served another way: I like an outfit with a little quirk.  I like that his fashion sense is not so well developed after all and that he either doesn’t know better or doesn’t care. I don’t like vain men.  Although a perfectly groomed and dressed man may be attractive, I don’t like the suggestion of vanity behind it.


Richard Armitage rushing casually for his plane connection. Courtesy of

On the other hand, the casual outfits are things we have seen before on him, just a lot better now. I was one of the first to notice that the first airport outfit must have been the product of the stylist, and that he dressed like that for a 24 hour flight because he knew photographers would be there. I totally approved of that outfit. We have seen jeans+suit jacket on him several times, jeans+leather jacket countless times. We have also seen a three-piece pin strip suit with no tie. Those are the clothes he would choose for himself. I can easily see him choosing the Aria outfit you didn’t like for a night out. The mixture of formal jacket and “cool” jeans and trainers feels like him (though the polo shirt is questionable). I remember a suit+trainers pic from an event. Not sure about the vest and chequered shirt, but I liked that as well. But those formal suits are just following a convention of how to dress, even the rock star chic shiny material. It is Lucas North pretending to be Pete the banker. Or RA modelling for Zegna. I didn’t feel Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman looked authentic in their suits either, especially given how casually they were dressed in the airport shots, obviously not caring about photos being taken.”

I stopped mentally stroking George and Lex long enough to consider the main thrust of Jane’s contention.  Is RA being styled to look unauthentic?  This is a valid argument.  I have my own opinion, but first I’d like to hear what you think, Dear Reader.  I’ve been joking about falling for his suits, but has this polished transformation overshadowed what some might think of as the real RA?



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  1. I too am very fond of those three-piece suits that the stylist has put Bradley Cooper in for past appearances. When I checked out her website, I was hoping we’d see Richard in something similar. There is still time, we might get to see such an outfit. The first suit from the NZ premiere looked very polished to me and fit him to perfection. Just what I would expect on the red carpet of a blockbuster movie. The second suit wasn’t to my liking, but we each have different tastes. I gather that there are quite a few people who really liked that suit and I will say this for it, there was nothing ordinary about it!

    As far as the new polished look overshadowing who Richard Armitage is, I don’t think that is the case. This is just a natural progression for the level he is currently at in his career. I would almost equate the premiere outfits to playing dress up, just the adult version. All kinds of people do this. During the holidays people end up in fancy clothes for parties. Someone going for a big job interview may purchase a new suit as one piece in the puzzle to convey to the interviewer that they are the right person for the job. Richard is dressing like a man who is starring in a huge blockbuster is expected to dress. We, his fans don’t need convincing, but this is his time to shine and show the world that he is a movie star caliber actor. The red carpet appearances and the clothes he wears to such events are part of the whole package required for actors these days. It is just part of the process.

    • Gotta look up this Bradley Cooper; his name has been invoked too many times…
      I agree. And it’s damn refreshing seeing a good-looking man looking good in his clothes.

  2. I thought he looked great in the first suit, all movie-star-at-a-premiere which is what he was and what he was doing. Perfect. The gold tie bar was a nice touch and it was simple, handsome, well-fitted. I liked how he looked getting off the plane, very attractive. The blue waxed wool job was nicely fitted and looked good too, but it took a little of the attention away from the man himself. If he liked it, fine, it looked great. Enjoyed the loveliness! Agree these are costumes for the public stage and he’s super visible in these appearances. Some of the other stars wore stranger things but those things fit with who they are. I’m glad they clean up nice, but that’s not what’s interesting about them. What was truly great was how RA glowed as he charmed the fans and how he answered light questions thoughtfully and tried manfully to avoid squirming while others praised him.

    • Agreed. I can be jaded, but I’m actually getting a kick out of watching his debut. And he’s messing up my report card! 😀

  3. LOL, it is already up! I’m not against those suits at all or against “dressing up” for an event. I personally would just have preferred something slightly different, and I would say the same about anyone, not just RA. I don’t think an ordinary guy who dresses up for a job interview or a wedding is authentic either. I suppose I’m not a fan of dressing up for the occasion in general, even though some think it means showing respect. I’m just not wowed by those suits like some others, but what really got me was PJ wearing hiking boots on the red carpet in Japan!

      • That’s fine. I’m not anti-suit, I just don’t want to marry them. But I do want to marry the suit+vest combo he wears in Canada, even if I have only seen some blurry pics so far.

  4. I really don’t care what Richard wears. With his looks, body, charm (when he smiles or gazes into the camera I’m certainly not paying any attention to his clothing) and the way he carries himself, I reckon he looks yummy in anything, and his lack of vanity is one of his most endearing qualities.
    It’s interesting to see the stylist’s choices and I wonder how much she is influencing his off-duty look now when he is dressing for himself.
    I really liked the Zegna suit. It fitted him perfectly and he looked stylish and comfortable in it, but I’m not so fussed about the Tokyo suit, not a big fan of waxed fabric in any way. I thought I read somewhere that it was actually black (and it appears as such in some photos) but showed up that bright blue under the spotlights and camera flashes. He looked amazing, although to me it had more to do with his demeanor than what he was wearing – he appeared confident, happy and to be thoroughly enjoying himself. *shrugs* Maybe feeling good in the suit helped!
    His looks are classical, IMHO he doesn’t need to be trendy to make an impression. I looked up Bradley Cooper’s red carpet choices, and I have to admit, that’s the sort of thing I’d like to see, and would have expected, the stylist to dress Richard in too – smart, classy, elegant and beautifully fitted.
    I understand that image can be everything, especially in Hollywood, but hopefully Richard will find a happy balance between cultivating a suitable film-star-on-the-rise image while at the same time, staying true to his own sense of identity and comfort. I hope that that is what the stylist wants for him too.

    • What I like about his new wardrobe is the effect it’s having on him. While he’s definitely not vain, he looks good and he knows it. He’s carrying himself easily and confidently. I’ve seen no slouching when he’s dressed for the occasion.

  5. Distrust any enterprise that requires buying new shoes, right? Seriously, of course he has a new wardrobe and it may take him some time to figure it out but I don’t think he’s made a fashion misstep yet. It could be Freeman’ influence (he got Cumberbatch to dress more thoughtfully), it could be that he’s always wanted to dress lije this but couldn’t justify it. He hasn’t madr a misstep yet, let him enjoy it.

    • I think RA is the only one who hired a stylist and did spend a fortune on designer clothes (when will I learn the difference between clothes and cloths?), I don’t think there is any agenda from PJ or the studio behind it, otherwise they would have required the same from everyone. So I wonder what RA’s ambitions are? Does he really aspire for serious moviestardom including turning up on best dressed and sexiest man alive lists?

  6. Love the cut on him. Classy-fies him (is that a word!). But the shine on that Tokyo suit (Lex) does nada for me. Maybe up close it looks better but on my computer screen, it reminds me of pleather and to my taste, tacky! Jane and I agree on that one.

    He will have to work out what style works for him what with cameras and flashlights and magazine covers, etc. Personally, I am looking forward to being surprised by him. I hope he keeps it unpredictable and a little mis-step here and there could be a lot of fun for the fandom.

    • Somebody pointed out to me that the Japanese would go wild for Lex because their fashion tastes are a bit more daring. I suspect too it’s not as flashy away from all the flash. Wonder if his castmates are taking the piss out of him with his mini fashion show? 😉

  7. The waxed wool suit was reminiscent of the peacock dress of the 1970’s man! 😀
    I think he’s recognised for a while that his looks are much admired. Probably still working out his public style. It’s a bit – “eclectic”? at present. Marks for experimenting! Somewhat trying to fit his stylist to his personality? He really can wear that George beautifully! And the suit with wooly vest on the Marilyn Denis interview.

    The lovely thing is that he just seems to be having a wonderful time during these promotions! He can’t stop smiling in pure joy!

  8. Bottom line is, no matter WHAT he wears, there’ll always be someone who doesn’t like it! You simply can’t please EVERYBODY. It’s a fundamental law of the Universe. 😀

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