Real Life Keeps On Coming

20140721-010904-4144886.jpgThe effort to downsize is turning into an entire series with cliffhanger episodes. After two days decluttering and generating an amazing amount of trash, Condo was ready for part two: the cleaners. Vera the realtor brought in two who only spoke Russian but cleaned Condo within every inch of its footage. A dust mote did not survive. Seriously, it’s not been so clean since construction nine years ago. They put the white glove test to shame. The downside to this pristine-ness is now I must emulate a neat freak and keep it this way until we land a buyer. Gulp. Next, maintenance must plaster and paint cracked hall walls caused by the building settling. This is a like closing the barn door after the horse has gone through but the cleaning availability couldn’t be helped. So now I must hover with a Dust Buster during repairs. Things could get freaky.

Next Pictures Must Be Taken. Simply taking snaps won’t do, oh no. Upscale sales require an upscale photographer. Good grief. So, Condo will sit for its photos this week. Then the listing goes live. Do I get to rest? Of course not; I need a place to land. Enter Friends and Family. Family has me concerned. Friends are having way too good a time scouting.

More later.

11 thoughts on “Real Life Keeps On Coming

  1. Moving is so stressful nowadays- I know people who have put their own furniture into storage and hired beautiful white stuff that they dare not sit on for the duration. Madness but the genie is out of the lamp and no one is now going to present a property for sale the way we all did a decade ago. Good luck!

    • Yeah, staging is really big nowadays. Sanely, I have no intention of doing one. Sometimes staging can look so artificial, it doesn’t seem homey anymore.

      Thanks! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. 🙂

      • I honestly don’t think you need staging — your apartment should sell itself just on its inner gorgeousness.

        • I’m counting on it and hope it will outweigh the cracks caused by the building settling. Setting aside a credit to the buyer for that anyway. My last condo sold in two weeks. I’m hoping for a matter of days. Sigh. Been losing sleep over all this.

          • Hang in there. But I’m serious; if I had a job in your city and the money I’d buy that condo. It is very attractive.

            • It is pretty. I’m going to miss it. But suburban friends (the ones having too much fun looking) assure me that I won’t mourn too long based on their hand picked options.

  2. Hi Judiang,
    I wondered when your condo was going to be put on the market. Kudos to you for the decluttering–something I have to do, even though we’re not moving? Ha! I find I wonder, Why did I buy that if it needs to be dusted?
    Hoping your condo marketing and sale goes smoothly and quickly for you. I know how that can be a drag. But you have a beautiful condo in a lovely building and complex that will hopefully sell quickly–your home was spotlessly clean when I visited last Summer.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. Good Luck with the sale of your condo. I hope moving is a great new page in your life. It is hard to believe that we have been in our “new” house ten years. Time goes by so fast. Sons 2 and 3 where so little and now are 15 and 13. We have been busy putting in three large windows in our living room and dining area this summer, with the house in that state it reminded me of the work we did ten years ago before we moved in.

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