RE: Beard Scandal!

Attention Dear Readers!  It seems a terrible thing has happened tonight.  I was hacked!  Yes, my Skype account was hacked by a devious perpetrator who engaged unsuspecting Jasrangoon, Zan, and ItsJSForMe.   S/he was so diabolically clever and convincing that they didn’t know it wasn’t me.  So when this person evilly reported that I liked RA’s b-b-beard, s/he lied.  Imagine my surprise when I logged in (thus booting the villain) and discovering they had posted my alleged confession. doesn’t have a reblog function, so you have to use your imagination (or better, visit their blogs).  And now the alleged confession is all over Twitter.  This is a travesty.

Wait, here is the gif that poor duped Jasrangoon created:


Shocking, isn’t it?

I will be conferring with my lawyers, spin doctors, and hackers through the night to mop up the situation and get this off the internet.

Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “RE: Beard Scandal!

  1. Ah Judi, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. If it makes you feel better you can continue on with the “hacked” story. But we all know the truth. The beard is growing on you. 😉

    • ….it’s growing on Richard, too, no? *wink*

      As for the “hacking” business…..pffffft. We know the true story. 🙂

  2. I can see from the above picture that Richard has heard all about this and he is wagging his finger at you and saying, “Judi, Judi – how often have you heard the phrase, ‘resistance is futile’? Just admit that you’ve finally been won over and you’ll feel a whole lot better” 😉

  3. Yup. Been there, done that, last year. Sending you the t-shirt. Stolen off the back of a British actor. Hacker trolls everywhere – like zombies.
    So, Judi, go beard the lion in his den! (I know you’ll take your nail scissors.)

  4. Judi, it’s terrible what hackers can do nowadays… who will be next?
    Good luck with your lawyers (maybe they’re beard lovers too)


  5. I bet it was Patty who set you up like that. You may want to confiscate some of her iDog products.

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