RA Break Day

This is another mental health day.  Still have a review of The Hobbit movie itself and RA’s report card to go before I’m done with the whole thing.  I still haven’t started any writing for Christmas week, so I’ll toss it to you Dear Reader:

What would you like me to write?

Anyway, I painstakingly searched through the amazing stash at RichardArmitageNet.com for you people and came upon this one.  What really tickles my funny bone are the expressions on the fans’ faces… after I looked up.


Behold, the power of RA

Behold, the power of The Armitage


4 thoughts on “RA Break Day

  1. Star-struck! He’s so sweet.

    Suggestion for writing? Track RA journey from earliest vid interviews to today. From shy to assured and firmly in control. Just a suggestion…

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