One Year Down

On December 28th, I quietly passed my first blog anniversary.  It slipped by quietly because I really don’t have a definitive date when I decided to start a blog and did so.  This venture began by accident.  I thought to register as a commenter on WordPress and BAM it turned out I created a blog.  So a moment of clicking idiocy opened a door on a whole new world.

I still don’t know why I didn’t delete it since I had absolutely nothing to say at the time.  But an inner voice said no, this was one of those rare opportunities I shouldn’t let pass.  (I suspect the voice may have been my id, Jodi, trying to get me into trouble.)  Then Servetus commented, beginning a dialogue that continued for much of January, thus christening the blog.  Web caches had already saved it for all posterity.  It was a done thing.  I had a blog on LiveJournal which basically was a long Twitter with little thought behind it.  So I wanted this one to be more of an introspective experiment – an exploration on rediscovering dormant creativity.

This experiment has been daunting and a bit scary.  In order for you to understand what was happening (why isn’t she posting?) or why some events were so important (London trip), I had to reveal more about myself.  I’d never intended to talk about Winston and depression or delve into my psyche or share any of my work. Even though I called this blog an introspective experiment, I still thought of it in a shallow way.  But I realized quickly that introspection means digging deep and if I wanted to learn anything from this experiment, I needed to be honest with myself.  Such honesty out loud, on a public forum isn’t easy.  But this is all me; it’s who I am.  I’m learning to embrace all parts of myself, including the darker side, and not care who knows it.

So the blog has an added bonus of self discovery which has allowed me to push through obstacles in the way of drawing, vidding, and writing.   Looking back, I wondered what was so hard.  Of course, everything is hard when riddled with insecurity and this blog has helped put things into perspective.  I can still draw and write.  I’m not as crazy, hermetic, anti-social, inhibited [adjective here] as I think I am.

And I’ve managed to do it with your help and encouragement for which I’m grateful.  I’ve no clue what the next year will bring, but you all will be along for the ride.


24 thoughts on “One Year Down

  1. Happy Blogoversary Judiang!  It’s been great getting to know you here.  You have brought so much to this fan community with your honest sharing of yourself and your welcoming spirit.  Your chat group is really wonderful, it’s like you have a running party there any time one wants to drop in.

    Your accidental blog has been serving a very good purpose and I thank you for it!

  2. I know Ive only known about a month now, but I am SOOOO glad I found you!  You are completely delightful and have made my RA experience that much more adoRAble!

    Happy anniversary and heres to many more!


  3. Happy Anniversary, Judiang!
    I love your insightful blog and visit it daily as one of my core must read blogs!  Thanks so much for your friendship, advice, and encouragement.  I’m really enjoying getting to know you–and Patty, etc.  See you in AW Chat.
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  4. Congratulations Judiang for your wonderful blog. I bow my thanks for your courage, honesty and endurance. I e.g never have experienced any fandom like you have, but it’s totally interesting to get to know about it.  Reading your blog regularly, with all it’s diverse posts (I don’t know why I missed your London stories. I’ve to catch up.) has brought loads of new impressions, ideas and varying approaches to different issues. In short: enriching, delightful, enjoyable and of course not always my point of view. LOL  😉 It’s your’s and it’s so perfect the way it is. For sure I would miss you sorrowfully  if you’d decide to retire….. Til then your dear readers, commenters and lurkers are far from beeing  fed up, au contraire we are looking forward to your new adventures 🙂  ……oh at least me!

    Apropos, your RA bag of goodies is a real treat.

  5. Congratulations Judaing…just realised it’s my anniversary also…one year since hubby bought me laptop for Christmas…never visited a blog up until then … I have had such a wonderful year finding all these fantastic sites…Don’t ever under estimate the enjoyment you bring…you and your fellow bloggers are very very much appreciated…Keep up the great work, Judaing, this year is going to be very special for ‘one or two’ of us that like small small men with big big hairy feet!!!!

    Love Jules xxxxx

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a year! A blog; writing; London; Armitage; fanfic; painting!

    2012 will be even better. 😀

    • Oh!  So sorry Fitzy, I forgot to mention you!  Thanks so much for being my guest blogger.  You’ve saved my bacon many times.  I really appreciate having you.  🙂

  7. I read your blog  for a long time,I write comments with great reluctance.  I don’t wanna say something stupid,if you know what I mean,my lame english doesn’t  help me in that issue;)

    Congratulations, Judiang-great blog!  Thank you!<3

    • Thank you Joanna!  I really appreciate you taking the time to de-lurk and comment.  Please feel free to comment.   It’s your thoughts, not perfect English that matters.  🙂

  8. Happy Anniversary! I have loved reading your reading your blog from the first time I came across it and I know others feel the same. What a great accident!

  9. As the occasion that triggered all this, I have to say that I’ve been immensely grateful so many times that you broke your silence. Your experience and maturity helped and helps me so much. Not sure how “me +” would have developed without you — possibly very differently. Best wishes on your blogiversary.

    • I’m grateful I found you blog.  It was to comment on your post that I accidentally created this one.  Thanks so much for your example and honesty and led to believe I could do this.  It turns out we have helped each other immensely.  What a community!  😀

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