Oh Guy, You’re So Fine

I’m baaaack.  There’s real life news to report but I’ll talk about me next week.  Today is Guy Day.

Every time I think that my Richard Armitage crush as moved away from 00gling blatant objectification visual admiration, Guy Day Friday rolls around and I find myself pawing through my stash. Then Guy jump starts the admiration all over again.  Take a look at some of these lovely lovely pictures:

What’s a fan gurl to do? I suspect the visual images of Guy fascinate me because of the amazing masculine and feminine mix in Richard Armitage’s features during his mid- thirties at height of his looks, IMHO.  Just a change in lighting or angle of the head accentuated one over the other. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.  Let’s just admire for now.

9 thoughts on “Oh Guy, You’re So Fine

  1. ” masculine and feminine mix?” sort of like punk rockers? I look forward to seeing that post. Thanks for the eye candy.

    • Welcome Perry! Glad you visited my humble blog.

      I think he has actually has many feminine features although the overall effect is masculine. Oh! Okay, I’ll jot that down as an ideal for a future post. 🙂

  2. Oh indeed,Judiang !
    I mused about that strange amalgam. Sometimes he looks so masculine and in a moment almost feminine. I don’t remember who said it ( prob. Orson Welles?) but he stated that good actor has no gender, as if actors were the third gender ? hmmm..
    Happy Guyday Friday! 😀 and Have a great weekend!

  3. Good comment: overall impression that of masculinity. But I understand the aspects of some gender-crossover – especially the mouth….

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  5. Ladies, let’s be honest! Wasn’t it always Guy’s all too visible vulnerability and his blinding gorgeousness (love this feminie part of him!!), but also his repeatedly failing efforts to overcome his shame and his alleged weakness that made us disappear in a flash and we were all helplessly (I mean HELPLESSLY!!!) falling for this black-leather-guy?? Guy trying to be in determined command, being through and through tough and manly, acting out with cruelty and rudeness, which (WE ALL KNOW was only a part of him (!!)) didn’t turn out to be as effective and profitable as he had often intended it to be. Witnessing him going through all this frustrations….sigh..
    But most important:
    Thanks Guy, for not letting Judi go astray (she knows the right path!!!) ……… 😛

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