Now I’ve Gone and Done It

honda fitI’m the excited owner of a new car.  Since I still don’t have my new driving glasses, the dealership kindly drove me and Red (yes, she has a name) home.  She’s now resting comfortably in tenants’ parking awaiting her first foray across to the mall to see Selma at the newly reopened, super fancy AMC Theater.  My friends and I went to dinner to celebrate and I’m beyond stuffed, tired too.  The suburban metamorphosis continues.

For certain inquiring minds:

Brand: 2015 Honda Fit

Color: Red, red, red.  Really red.

iPhone/USB/Bluetooth connectivity;  YES

Audio connectivity:  YES


Will talk more tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Now I’ve Gone and Done It

  1. How red is red. My son bought a truck in November (not new, a 2007) but the color is listed as inferno red. Congrats to you, how fun to have a new car.

  2. Looks cool! And the nice thing about Red being red is that it’s easier to find in parking lots with a sea of charcoal gray (our car’s color). Have fun on your virgin voyage in Red!

  3. Woo-hoo! Congrats, girl! 🙂
    May lots of fun adventures be in both your futures!

    ROADTRIP! *giggle*

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