Not Wasting the Pretty

When RA was cast in The Hobbit, I worried he would be unrecognizable as Thorin.  It’s nice to see that Sir Peter didn’t waste the pretty.  Here is lovely sneak peek of the movie poster from


18 thoughts on “Not Wasting the Pretty

  1. I initially had the same concern, Judi.  And I’m so glad PJ didn’t waste the pretty! To me, Richard is absolutely stunning as Thorin.  There may be some Tolkien purists out there who say he doesn’t look dwarfish enough but, if his face was more heavily covered up, we wouldn’t get to see many of his facial expressions.  That would have been such a pity as it would have lead to a diminuition of appreciation of his acting ability??  I don’t think I expressed myself very well – sorry, rather fatigued today so the old head is very fuzzy.

  2. Thank you judiang for sharing this lovely poster and thank you Peter J for using as little prosthetics as possible on this beautiful face.  At one time I had worried that all the amazing facial expressions he is capable of would be somewhat hidden, but it seems more and more obvious that this has not happened!  If the picture above is any indication we can now see why Sir Peter said, when he first cast Richard in the role, that Thorin would give Legolas “a run for his money” and still look like a dwarf!!  And how!!! 😀

    • Yes!  Kudos to PJ and the make-up department for understanding that and hitting a happy medium.  I approve this look.  😉

    • I wonder if it’s a special mixture, it elongates the lashes with just enough shading to darken them.  Would have love to watch the make-up process.

  3. and Richard’s still rocking that look just as he did back in the day!     🙂

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