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Of course you all know that Richard Armitage is just the bit on the side.  David Tennant is my main attraction.  I discovered him in 2006 when he played the lead in Doctor Who.  I didn’t even like him for three whole episodes and then it dawned that this man could really act.  He went on to become the most popular Doctor ever (which takes some doing) and beloved enough to be called “a national treasure.”  I crossed the pond to see his acclaimed “Hamlet,” and popular “Much Ado About Nothing” where I confirmed that DT really is a special talent.  (These shows are available for digital download; you should really watch.)  His latest popular series is “Broadchurch.”  Coworkers and fans like remark that he’s a genuinely nice caring person.  I observed the same thing especially when he dealt with his small fans.  (He was solicitous of me when I got pushed into a barricade by a rambunctious crowd, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.)  The man is simply a peach.  *Squee* *Cough*D

Anyway, DT received a Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards.  He’s always been popular at the NTA’s; why not give him another?  Amazingly they managed to keep it a total secret from him.  So here is the presentation and his acceptance speech.

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10 thoughts on “OT: My Guy David Tennant

  1. Thank you for this…I didn’t see it on the TV and I’m so pleased to be able to see it now. I have loved David for even longer than I have loved the other bloke and that love never wains. This little clip made me cry! Wasn’t his dad wonderful? I love that it was a complete surprise…made it all the sweeter.

    • I love seeing him as himself. He strikes me as so genuine and that he really likes people. He just says what he feels (within diplomacy). He might be as striking as the Other Bloke, but he definitely has charisma.

      His dad seems a lovely man. I wonder if David took after him, do you think? It’s so great they were able to keep it a secret. 🙂

      • Charisma in bucket loads. Buckets and buckets. He’s the reason I always give to causes such as Comic Relief. I can’t be “that person” any longer. Have you seen him presenting Comic Relief? I’m thinking specifically of him kissing his co-presenter Davina 🙂

        I think he sounds like his dad. I’d like to think he gets his charm from somewhere…his dad seems a likely candidate.

        • I know! Somehow when “David” says it, you don’t want to be “that person!” He could sell me anything actually. LOL!

          Yes, I saw the show with Davina. Of course, everybody ate it up, including me! Has he done Comic Relief since then?

          • I don’t think he’s presented on it since then but he’s definitely made appearances. The “that person” film came after the presenting.

            I’m currently hooked on him being all moody in the 2nd series of Broadchurch 🙂

  2. Love David also. I think the first show I saw him in was Casanova with Rupert Penry-Jones. All the family like him as the 9th Doctor. We can’t wait to see him in Broadchurch again. Son2 watch him in Hamlet as he was getting ready to play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 5th grade so he could get how to say the words right.

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