More This And That; or Striking Matches

writing2No, I haven’t fallen into another Bermuda Triangle, just offline mostly.  But more about me later.

The memorial fund will remain open until  September 17th, which should give those who have been told me they are on vacation more time to contribute.  I’ve noted each and every donation and kept close count.  To keep things honest, I’ll post evidence of the final amount and contribution to JustGiving. (We are talking “I can buy a new iDevice level of giving here, people!  This is truly a marvelous community).

Now, back to me.  The issue of positive versus negative motivation hasn’t resolved yet.   The problem has been breaking old habits and the expectation that only negative consequences seem to get me moving. After a lifetime of reacting to imminent deadlines – it’s due tomorrow; or dire consequences – pay this bill or sit in the dark, it’s very strange trying to become proactive instead of reactive.  I still feel like Pavlov’s dog, trained to react at the first bell tow of doom. Where writing is concerned, pro-action involves looking for the dry kindling and the right fuel to light a fire under me.

To combat the ennui that set in, I started preparing for NaNoWriMo 2013 (National Novel Writing Month).  Although I managed a novelette (The Chest: password is red) in 2011, last year just wasn’t in the cards.  This year seems doable.  But the 50,000 word goal won’t happen without an outline to keep things on track.  I started plotting an ambitious psycho-thriller when I ran headlong into that rusty door blocking Judi’s Door of Wild Imagination.  After flailing around, I whined to a fellow blogger who referred me to a writing prompt app created by a website called  It’s a repository and support resource for all things written.  It’s by writers, for writers.  From what I’ve gleaned over the past three days, the constant contests encourage writers to post their work and get it reviewed honestly by others.  More recognition brings more reviews.  There are private reviewing groups and chats.  The point is to get work out before other people.  What’s more nerve wracking and moving out of my comfort zone than putting my stories out there to be judged by writers? I signed up.

I’m hoping this group can provide the oil to pry that rusty door open to writing original fiction.  But baby steps still.

15 thoughts on “More This And That; or Striking Matches

  1. I know the feeling of what you are going through. Your solution of writing can help you can sane for a while- as can blogging.

    • Yes, it’s amazing how writing helped when I was very down. Now I’m trying to tell my brain that it even helps when I’m feeling good. Feels like I need extensive rewiring. 😉

  2. Hang in there, Judiang!
    Fabulous on the fundraising efforts for the Mrs. Servetus Memorial!
    And there is no rule that you have to post a certain number of times a week or month. Just do what works for you.
    And I’m a firm believer in all utilities going to using the yellow envelops for late reminders all the time–it would make them stick out from all of the spam postal mail we all get.
    Finally, good for you about getting back to writing your stories! I love your stories! “The Chest” is one of yours that is a favorite of mine!
    Cheers! Hugs & Love! Grati ;->
    P.S. Are you hosting Chat anytime soon? I’ll pop in now and again to check.

    • Thanks so much Grati. Yes, you’d think since I want to be a writer, that it would be easy to write. The mind is a mysterious place.

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  4. I truly enjoy reading your fics, so The Chest is my treat for the day 🙂
    Also, thanks for the update on the fundraising efforts. It was a wonderful idea and gave everyone a chance to contribute in a meaningful way.

    • We wanted to do something in case the community wanted to get involved, and they did. I’ll have the final count next week.

      Thanks so much Agzy! The Chest was my first every story longer than a ficlet, so I’m gratified get receive compliments like this. 🙂

  5. That’s awesome that you’re doing NaNoWrmo 2013! I’ll be doing it, too! Just need to sign up instead of waiting I’ll the last minute!

    • Morrighansmuse, Oh great! Are you doing an outline? On, there’s an October NaNo prep to help people get it together before November… I’ve joined. 🙂

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  7. Much better giving an iDevice kind of money to charity than to Apple. Ahem. 😉

    I’m considering NaNo this year, but why do NaNo when I could just as well start writing 1667 words a day starting tomorrow? Or now, even? Dilemma. Good luck on your writing endeavours, and hope you have a fab NaNovember! 😀

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