More Daydreaming or A Scene I’d Pay to See

The murmur of voices in the hall rose and fell   Technicians adjusted the sound and lighting.  Suddenly the lights dimmed and a spotlight suddenly lit a barber chair on the raised platform. A small table stood nearby, covered by a white cloth.   Two twin, giant television monitors flanking each side of the stage broadcast the image.  A tense hush fell.  Was this really going to happen?

From stage left appeared the woman wearing a little black dress covered by a serviceable white apron, and flat black sandals.  Her heart leaped at the sight of the table.  She whipped away the cloth, revealing a line of shaving accouterments. Her fingers slowly brushed the mug, brush, mirror, scissors and bottles before resting on the straight edge razor, her grandfather’s.  She flicked it open lovingly, letting the light play on the sharp blade, then finally snapped it shut.   Nodding approvingly, she turned to the audience, a wicked smile creasing her face.  It was the moment of truth.  All her preparation had come to fruition.

“Well, I think we’re ready,” she said.  “Are you?”

The crowd cheered their readiness, almost hanging on the edge of their seats.  Necks craned to see if he stood in the wings.

The woman took her place behind the chair. “Let’s have our charity volunteer!”

From stage right entered a tall man dressed in a black shirt and jeans.  His blue eyes twinkled as he bounded up the platform and grinned sheepishly at the audience.  While the crowd jumped to its feet, hooting and cheering, the man scratched his beard and regarded with the woman with comical wariness before taking the seat of honor.

The woman glanced at the audience.  “As we women know, watching a man shave or shaving him yourself, can be quite the sensuous experience.  We are grateful to our volunteer who has agreed to share this experience for a worthy cause.  The number of tickets sold for this event has been unprecedented!”

The crowded cheered again and the man leaned back.  A hush fell once more.

The man’s head lifted slightly from the headrest.  “Erm, I don’t owe you money or anything, do I?”

The woman placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.  “It’s going to be fabulous.”

He leaned back, finally casting his eyes on the ceiling.

The woman regarded his chiseled features for a moment, the noble brow, long nose, raised cheekbones, the long line of throat, with the rest covered by gray streaked brown pelt.  A rush of adrenaline shot through her.  The beard would soon be history!

She sprang to work, snipping off the excess, softening the beard with a moist hot towel, then lathering.  A flick of a wrist and the razor glinted in the light.  His eyes widened before snapping shut.  She paused before gliding the razor slowly down a cheek.  Smooth skin replaced the lather and whiskers.  Ahhhh.  She wiped the razor on a towel.  Can’t go back now.

Another stroke revealed more cheek.  Her deft hand found a rhythm as the blade turned and curved over the planes of the man’s face.   She focused totally, not hearing the sighs from the audience.

Sideburns emerged.  Yeaaaah.

A bow mouth came into view.  Ohhhhh.

The ridge of a jawline.  Mmmmm.

The curving roundness of chin.  Yes.

The long clean expanse of throat.  YES.

Finishing the final stroke, she wiped away little blots of shaving cream and patted on aftershave.  YES, OH YES!!!!!  She stood back, almost breathless, a bit of perspiration beading on her forehead.  Her heart pounded.

The razor snicked shut.

The crowd roared.  He stood, running his hand over his jaw and staring at her in amazement. “That was er —!”

She could only smile.   Oh yeah, that was er —.  Heheheh.



26 thoughts on “More Daydreaming or A Scene I’d Pay to See

  1. I was waiting for a photo of the reveal….you had me so convinced this was happening!    🙂

    Hmmmmmm, but I have to admit that I LOVE Richard’s beard

    but I also LOVE  his clean-shaven face

    and his stubble

    Are you getting the idea that I LOVE Richard Armitage’s face no matter what it’s wearing?     😉

  2. Hmmm Judiang, that was er–  😛    Although I love the beard, I must say you promote very well the opposite perspective!

    PD. Where I can buy tickets for the event? By the way, you’ll have to keep in mind worldwide sales 😉


    • I’m thinking beaming to closed-circuit TV audience worldwide might work…  I’m sure we have show biz types in our ranks.  Now to drop a bug in a certain ear…  😉

  3. That quite definitely “was er –“!!!!!!!!!!!  I think it just got a little warm in here!!   No wonder the woman felt the heat and palpitations!!  Very mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 😉

  4. Hilarious!! I still don’t share the beard enthusiasm but I guess it might have to stay until filming is finally over in 2013?? 😉

      • Shave the BEARD!!! you gotta see his lush features, right?

        ‘The ridge of a jawline’

        ‘The long clean expanse of throat…’

  5. We needn’t guess the identity of the lady barber! You anarchist! (btw, I do like the unbeardy face as much as the bearded one – as long as it isn’t so closely shaven as to resemble a baby’s …)

    • No, no, no, fitzg.  Just imagine the look, the smell, the feel…immediately after Judi’s done her work!       😉

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I haven’t realised by now, that shaving a man’s face (ok, it’s not just anybody, is it??) can be soooooo sultry…….. and funny !!! LOL. Masterfully work, judiang!

  7. I read somewhere that Richard said he “wet shaves”!  Now that does send one’s mind off on a tangent!! 😉

  8. Judi –

    You had me at “a spotlight suddenly lit a barber chair on the raised platform”.  A raised platform!!  You certainly understand how to create a sense of occasion with your writing!!  And the rest did NOT disappoint.  He never even knew what he had coming, did he?  Lucky for us, you did.  😉

    • Thanks UK,.  I can really envision this happening.  Shaving for Christchurch.  He can bring the entire cast!  😀

  9. If we do get this fundraiser thing going, can I make a suggestion? Make sure the barber doing the shaving isn’t named Sweeney Todd. 😉


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