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WordPress just announced I hit 1,000 comments on my blog.  But it seems an anniversary has come and gone because total hits now number 11,173!   The On Meeting Another Other Fan post about meeting Servetus and my musings on racism took the honors with the most hits, followed by the completely silly but popular Infamous Beard post.  The Fanstravaganza 2 posts in March about Guy of Gisborne continue to get views.

Thank you for taking the time to come back and reading my ramblings. Although I’m not as regular as hoped, you seem to be there when I get back, and for that I’m grateful.  I’m proud to be part of this fandom; you all are an amazing and interesting bunch and have given much food for thought.   Although I originally wanted to discuss writing and fandom, I’ve approached these subjects in a completely different way than intended.  I also hadn’t intended to talk so much about that British actor, whatshisname – Armitahge – or something.  I’ve got a short list for more discussions (if I can remember where I put it), but if there’s a topic you’d like me tackle, let me know.

Again, thanks so much for reading.  Here’s a treat!


Guy of Gisborne half nude

Is he posing or not? Works for me either way. Courtesy

10 thoughts on “More Blog Pimping

  1. Belated congratulations to your anniversary and your number of hits. I am looking forward to your future posts and will contribute to the next 10.000 hits ;o)

    • Thank you! Considering how sporadic I’ve been, I’m shocked to make it this far. It’s looks like the July beardy silliness put me over the tops. Who knew? 😀

  2. Hey congrats! That’s great. We should celebrate with drinks and goodies on chat soon 😀
    (now off to give you another hit…I’m going to read part 5 of the London posts :D)

  3. Woohoo, massive congratulations! Any excuse to celebrate! I’m having another drink in your honor. Some friends make me hungry and others make me thirsty. 😛

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