More Beardy Bane

Every time I go out of town, there’s finally some news of RA.  Seriously.

This year he didn’t disappoint.  I fled town for the first time this year for a cabin in wilds of Ohio again with no wi-fi and no businesses who thought to turn on their allegedly free access.  Data roaming on my smartphone feels like pulling teeth, the connection is so tenuous.  So of course, there’s RA news and pictures and the beardy horde  swooning over what I couldn’t see.  Ironically, I had no problems downloading text, just not the photos.

” There’s so much gray in his beard, but he looks so dashing!” one squeed.  Riiight.

“Ugh, there are new pics of RA and he still has that damn beard,” I told my friend.

“Well, find the pics and show me,” she replied.   She’s not part of the beardy horde, clearly a discerning woman.

I grunted over the phone and finally, it spat something out of the ether.  I glanced at the photo – yup beard- then thrust the phone at my friend.  “Pretty,” she cooed.  What???

I looked again.  Oh my.


I refuse to comment on the grounds I might incriminate myself.

WELL.  He’s simply a disgustingly attractive man.  Makes me sick.   That’s all I have to say. *Cough.*  Moving swiftly along…

Sooo, about that last post.  People seem to think that it’s the beginning of a new story.  That wasn’t my intention since I have another idea in the works.  However, I could extend the fantasy if you like.  So, watch this space for return of the trio.  Soon Quiet One’s name will be revealed, although I suspect you know who she is already.


10 thoughts on “More Beardy Bane

  1. Judiang, Love,
    You have to give me time to finish my film and press for it and such.  It is written into my contract–and they  will probably insist–that I keep the beard for character recognition.  Frankly, I’m rather enjoying looking more like my father.  But don’t tell him I said that.  Ha!
    I’m told that the beard makes me look older and distinguished looking.  I rather like that.  Maybe I’ll attract an even older set of fangurls–ladies in their 70’s.  They won’t mail me their panties.  Gulp!  Or do you think they might?  I wouldn’t want to start a raft of commando senior citizens out in public.  It’s so drafty when one does that.  Ha!
    In any event, if and when  I do shave off my beard, I will make sure that you are the first on to know.
    Yours, RA
    (via his unofficial scribe, Grati–I cleaned up the typos for him)

  2. Dear RA (via Grati of course)!! 😉

    I thought you already knew you have fangurls in their 70’s.  I know this for a fact as I am one of them!! 🙂   I would never dream of sending panties to you – people my age usually try to be a little more circumspect – not easy to do when it comes to anything that concerns you – and they usually avoid any kind of draughts (British spelling!).  But please, go ahead and acquire as many grey hairs as you wish, then I won’t feel like a cougar when showing off your picture to my friends!  Don’t ever share this with your Mom.  She’d be quite horrified I think, as I’m more than likely older than she is!!  🙁


    One of your “older ladies”

    • Dear Teuchy Love,
      May I call you that?  You are so delightful!  And thank you for not liking “draughts” as you put it.  Though my scribe says it makes her think of a pint.  And I’m good for it!  Any way, your secret is safe with me.  Mum’s the word–literally.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  By the way, I am an animal lover.  Grrrrr.
      Yours RA
      (via his unofficial scribe, Grati)

      • *Dies laughing but comes back to life long enough to thank the TDHBD for employing Grati because she is a total crack up*

        TDHBD = Tall Dark Handsome Bearded Dude

      • Oh my dear Grati (oops that should read RA of course!)

        You may certainly call me Teuchy Love!  *blushes*    I’ve got so used to “Americanized” spellings that I typed Mom instead of Mum without even thinking about it.  Perhaps we could share a draft sometime (naturally I am referring to a pint and not the other kind of draft/draught and I promise to keep my claws off you – you naughty animal lover you!!

        Your own TL!!

        So help me, I could hardly type this for laughing so I hope you edit this Grati before you let him read it!! 😉   Sooooo thankful he will never read this stuff!  I’d be too embarrassed for words!! 🙂


        • Dear Teuchy Love,
          I like your abbreviation, TL.  I am naughty.  And since “I have 40 years to talk about”, nothing much makes me blush any more.
          It’s the sunblock I wear that keeps me so pale.  My scribe insists on applying it herself.  She says that an “ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure”.  So she applies it libeRAlly.  Kkkk! (cough)
          And you name the pub, bar, tavern, or rathskeller and I will be there to knock back a few cold ones with you.  Since I’m so tall, everyone thinks I have a hollow leg (meaning I can drink more).  But I really can’t.  So you have to be sure to not let me over do it with the pint of ale.  I once woke up in the Hungarian forest tied to a tree–that happens to me a lot–and wearing my Sir Guy costume–sans ….  Well, perhaps I should be discreet.  Let’s just say that my “adventure” follows in the theme of draughts or drafts.  Most embarrassing–but something for my memoirs.
          Yours, RA
          (via my scribe Grati)
          P.S. From Grati:  Mr. A insists on reading all of his mail verbatim.  But don’t worry, though I left in some of your verbs, I did edit out your adjectives.  *wink*

  3. I will not snicker at judiang.  I will not snicker at judiang.  I will not snicker at judiang.  I will not — oh heck, of course I will…

    LOL…you’ve been bearded.

  4. Dear judiang,

    Please go out of town more often so we can get more RA news. In fact, I think it would be best for fedoralady and all of us if you go out of town the weekend of Comic-Con. Thank you.



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