Message from Richard Armitage – 28th November 2012

Richard Armitage weathering the gauntlet at The Hobbit premiere in Wellington. Courtesy of

RA sent a new message to RichardArmitageOnline.  For those of you too tired to click, here is the message:

“Dear Friends,

So I am sitting in my hotel room from which I can see a very long red carpet and The Embassy Theatre. I am nervous, excited and quite emotional, the day has arrived when we can finally present our work for everyone to hopefully enjoy.

I wanted to say thank you for the continuing support that I receive from everyone who visits Annette’s brilliant site, and those others which have popped up over the last few years and months. It means so much to me to have that support. I truly hope you all enjoy The Hobbit, I tried to respect the responsibility that taking on this role presented to me, my fellow cast members are all spectacular in the story and we send out our work to you in the hope that you can take your friends and family to see a great event in the cinema.

I look forward to saying thank you, at the various premiers over the next few weeks.

See you on the Red Carpet.

Much love

fumblingly sent from my iPad:

Enjoy yourself RA.  Congratulations.

That about wraps it up for the evening, don’t you think?

EDIT: The last line was added later.  Your suppositions are as good as mine, but mine is better: most likely an oversight in posting.

Hang on there, where are you going?

Thorin wants you, too!




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14 thoughts on “Message from Richard Armitage – 28th November 2012

  1. He just makes me *sigh* … how sweet of him. And OK, yeah, a little bit of a teary-eyed thing going on here, too.

    Thanks for last night, Judi! 🙂 It was great fun sharing the celebration with everyone in Armitage World chat!

  2. It’s just like him to think of others at a time like this. I love him even more today than yesterday and I didn’t think that possible. Thank for hosting us for the streaming Judy – it was a blast!

  3. Indeed, Judi – Thanks for hosting the chat. I would have been a bit lost with all those separate streams to watch without the group. 🙂

  4. FYI Annette confirmed that she did not notice the last line when she posted the message on RAonline.

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