Meeting Richard Armitage

Its true I can be so blase, but sometimes I surprise myself.  Yup, it’s true.  I wasnt going to tell but it’s too much to keep to myself.  Yup, I’ve had an encounter of my own.  But before I tell the story, there’s something else.

I have a video!   YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

This is going to knock your socks off!

Wait for it….

Just click the button.

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

The official video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. The new album ‘Are We There Yet?’ is out now: Download here: “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a global smash on its release in July 1987, topping the charts in 25 countries including Rick’s native UK and the US Billboard Hot 100.

Rick rolled!

(Yes, this will probably come home to roost, but it was too irresistible. Congrats to all the real encounterees.  Back to my other project.)



48 thoughts on “Meeting Richard Armitage

      • Rick Astley released at least 3 albums and had numerous hits in the UK. I had copies of the first two! He was massively popular over here and this song was his first single…and his biggest hit. He’s a product of the Hit Factory (Stock, Aitken & Waterman) who flooded the pop charts in the late 80s with hits and launched Kylie Minogue 🙂

        • Yea, Kathryn! Glad to see someone remembered who Rick Astley was! But, as an Australian, I think I might be luckier than some of our friends from the US as wee get most of the UK stuff as well as the US stuff!

          Can you remember the stink when Cliff Richard recorded one of the SA&W songs “I just don’t have the heart”? Well, at least, there was a bit of a “stink” here as some of our DJs refused to play it because they thought Cliff had sold out! It wasn’t a good song but it was great for aerobics – had the right beat!

          Sorry, Judi. Way OT I know. You have a warped sense of humour, girl, and I love it!

          • Oh way more! His first 8 singles all made the top 10 in the UK charts. He is the only male artist to have achieved this…ever! Never Gonna Give You Up was the biggest selling single in 1987 in the UK and was number one in 24 countries – Wikipedia is your friend 😉

  1. ROFL…I loved Rick Astley too ♥ Great voice.

    I’m going to adopt this as my theme tune for New Zealand. Along with this on my t-shirt –

    OUT OF MY WAY!!!! I’m here to see RA and YOU are not going to stop me!!!! (kudos to  Lady Squid for that)

  2. Judiang, the vid and the retro pompadour rocked! But the voice was just a wee bit too high to rock my vibes, (Can you rock one’s vibes?) What happened with him? He had talent! (Even if he he wasn’t quite – deep-voiced for me?)

    Just stirring the pot….

    • Judi, Your job is complete!  Fitz was always pithy, but “rock my vibes?”  Yeah, Judiang at work on Fitz. : D  I love “rock my vibes” by the way.

    • You think it was too high? I thought his voice had a good middle to low range. Must listen again…

      Keep stirring the pot; the spoon is sometimes to big for me. 😉

  3. You crazy kiddo!!   😀  I nearly fell over laughing!!   But for those of you who are wondering what Rick Astley is up to these days check out this video I found when looking up Gareth Malone who is my musical hero!  LOL!!

    I love his video – showing my age here – but it has such a great beat!  Always makes me want to get up and dance!  Not when anyone is watching, naturally! 🙂

    This is when they actually perform the piece  – sorry about that!

    It would have helped if I’d added the link!  LOL


    • Not bad for a throwaway post, eh Teuchter? I’ve always like the song and itched for AGES to rickroll somebody. Mission accomplished! 😉

  4. You must meet RA. I  think you would bring in a lot of humor if you wanted to. What if you were standing next to RA with a friend who had that song as their ring tone and it rang? Would you be able to say anything to him? RA smiling and laughing is one special thing for us to see.

  5. and I was just beginning to seethe with jealousy!  lol

    ….and this song brings back so many memories!  thanks  😉

  6. Terrible 80s flashbacks.  You do realise he has the same initIals as our beloved!!!!!

  7. Frenz, a nasty cat of my acquaintance runs up walls. And swings from the chandelier. He rocks! C’mon over sometime and join him! We provide coffee for the great unwashed! 😀 (We drink Irish Breakfast Tea, but we keep coffee for visitors.)

  8. I haven’t thought about Rick Astley in more years than I care to admit. His song is still infectious and just makes me want to try and dance better than him.

  9. I knew Rick Astley had another hit was ‘ Together Forever’. Sorry it was bugging me and so I had to go and find out what it was.

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