Just Call Me “Ms” Procrastinator

Several things are going on here or not.  Mr. Muse and I got into a big roll; well, I fussed and he ignored me.  Things have been a bit stressed lately and he’s refusing to be helpful.  He’s a git, I tell you.  But a good-looking git.  Sigh.  Then I’m gearing up for company to arrive by plane and car (sadly no train) for my birthday this week.  Okay, it’s April 1st, so get the jokes out of your system.  It will be no joke when my IT pal arrives to migrate this blog to my server which I haven’t touched since the turn of the last century.  I expect madcap hilarity to ensue.  So don’t be surprised if this site goes down; it will be temporary.  Hopefully.

In the interim, two topics landed in my lap courtesy of Twitter that I will work on while my IT does her magic.  One concerns a writer meltdown that’s gone viral today.  Mr. RA himself unwittingly presented the second topic.  Oh, that one should be fun. So watch this space and keep your fingers crossed during the migration.

6 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Ms” Procrastinator

    • It’s still to happen. My IT has been giving HP a digital emetic and it’s almost squeaky clean. I suspect the migration happens today.

  1. Just wanted to say: looking forward to a smooth migration for you, and anticipating the return!Happy Birthday! No jokes from this location – I think we anticipate the “mixed precipitation” beloved of the climatologists tomorrow…

  2. Happy Birthday to you. I am not sure if I am too early for your time, but here we are well into your special day.All the best, relax and enjoy and don’t let IT get the better of your day.

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