Judiang Takes a Break to Get Her Mind Back

I’m recovering from a whirlwind trip to NYC accomplised on approximately 3 hours of sleep.  There were ups and downs and moments to contemplate.  I will tell al (confidentiality forms permitting) as soon as my brain informs me what happened. 

In the meantime, Jonia worked her connection magic and now I can fully appreciate suitor #3, Fernando.  The dude in it is fine, too.  My lawyer heart really digs a well done pin-strip.  I just want to put on a suit and melt all over it.  Mmmmm.

Business hottie Fernando breaks onto the scene. Courtesy of GettyImages and joniascut.blogspot.com

Close-up of Fernando’s pretty.



14 thoughts on “Judiang Takes a Break to Get Her Mind Back

  1. These are awesome pictures judiang and Fernando is spectacular – as is the person wearing it! 😉 It seems to be made of such a gorgeous fabric. Anyone know who the designer is this time? I wonder if it was made for him? Loving those shoes too. Am I right in thinking they are the same ones he wore to the Hobbit Premiere in NZ?

  2. judaing, I think I am fast becoming your number one fan! {I’m already Mr Armitages no. 1 fan obviously!}
    love the suit nameing stuff, and I would like to add my thanks for all info, pics etc.

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