It’s Me or Winston

So Dear Reader was left huddled and shivering with me in an airport and then –…   And then –?

Er… hasn’t this been the greatest cliffhanger ever?  It’s like the break between episodes 7 and 8 of Doctor Who.    No?

Taming the Black Dog

Godzilla would be impressed.

What if I said the dog ate my homework?  Yes, it’s the old tired joke, but for the first time in my life, it’s true.

Winston ate the next installment.  The pug leaped out of my bag and morphed into an ebony version of the Big Red Dog but not a bit as cute.  He went on a rampage, much like those little monsters on It’s Me or the Dog except far nastier.  He didn’t like his happy pills any more, so he got more different happy pills and then more pills to make him happier about those, but only just.  To my chagrin, he thinks he’s still a lapdog, so he’s been spending most of his time flattening me and whining in distress, only since he’s a dog, he can’t be useful and TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

Currently, Winston in calmer times.

So this is where we stand.     Dr. G. and Winston are at an impasse.  Dr. G. suspecting an underlying physiological problem sent me to my ole Dr. V-A who after prodding and blood tapping pronounced my hormones whacked and why was I still having menses? Why in the hell was he asking me?  He deduced there wasn’t much he could do but throw more happy pills at Winston; he didn’t deal with black dogs.  So Dr. G. is casting around for A Specialist in the elusive field of whacked hormones.  I’ve had dealings before with this specialist species.  This should get interesting.

In the meantime, I’ve reverted to being really blonde on good days and vacuous and addle-brained on bad ones.  Because I can’t focus consistently to get any appreciable work done,  I’m starting the paperwork to take paid leave from my job.  I did this 10 years ago during a string of bizarre physical problems (my first dealing with Specialists); that lasted almost three months.  I really hope to have some meaningful control over this situation by the holidays.

So that’s my update and explanation about the unintentional cliffhanger.  I’ve been out of the loop with ArmitageWorld and the latest goings-on like RA’s birthday.  I’ve been trying to keep a toe in by visiting the chat room and being utterly silly with some lovely and supportive members.  Thanks to all who have asked after me, I appreciate it.   I’ll try to post when I can.

22 thoughts on “It’s Me or Winston

  1. Judi,
    we don’t really have cheerleaders in Australia (maybe a few??), and if we did they wouldn’t be as old as me BUT … (with pom-poms waving) …
    Go Judi!
    Go Judi!
    Go Judi!
    I’m having a rip-roaring time in your chat room and you are to blame for that so I’m cheering you on in full voice and by jumping as high as I can withough causing myself an injury.

    • For a second I imagined you waving Patty while cheering.. pom poms… Get it?

      Sorry you’re having such a good time in chat. I’ll try to do worse. 😉


  2. I do hope this issue is resolved more expeditiously. Oughtn’t “specialists” to look at physical issues first? Anyway, you’re missed on the blog. And this Black Dog issue will be sorted! Keep taking heart, we’re with you.

    • I’m not terribly enamored of specialists; if they can’t pigeonhole your problem, they’re lost. In this case, there’s a high probability what the problem is, just need the specialist for it.

      I actually miss blogging but hate picking up the ball only to drop it again. Really want to finish the London tale before PV gets back!

      Thanks so much for your support. 🙂

    • Thank you. For some reason I imagined high priestess offerings on the altar of British Hunks. Does that count as a medication side effect? 😉

  3. Go for the British Hunks! (Beards or no) 😀

    Set Patty and Winston on the “specialists”, canines bared. Ginger them up, Patty will. People aren’t pigeons…

  4. I’m rooting for you too, Judi! Now that Amy’s back home again, I should have some time to be on Skype & your chat room. So hope to see you soon, virtually at least! *hugs*

  5. Hang in there Judi! Things will get better again and till then lots of people – me included – are thinking of you and sending you *good vibes*

  6. You know what would be really helpful in the medical world? your medical team meeting together – all around the same table and tackling/brainstorming all the various issues to find an answer. This piece meal approach that the medical world has doesn’t quite work. I really hope they can get to the bottom of things and find the right combo of the right pills and that Winston can go on a very nice and long vacation far far away. In the meantime, we are rooting for you and we’ll always be in the chat room to vent (thanks by the way for listening to my various rants), laugh, giggle, be silly, be serious and just plain extend loving friendship. Big hug and I’m glad you have Patty there too to help out.

  7. Take care and hopefully you, Winston and the medical professionals can all find a good solution.

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