Internet Woes 2

My internet has actually stayed on for the past few hours.  Dare I hope my ISP solved its DNS server problem?  I just *knew* I couldn’t have been the only one affected.  Will wait and see until Monday before cancelling the appointment.

*hugging and kissing her internet*

I’m becoming waaaaaaay to dependent on it methinks.

7 thoughts on “Internet Woes 2

  1. I totally sympathize!!  If I see I have lost my connection when I switch on my PC,  I’m in panic mode almost at  once.  Most of the time I can just click a few things on-screen and the problems are resolved but if not…………….!!!  Methinks I am waaaaay waaaaay too dependent for my own good!!  I think it is worse than being without a phone!  LOL!!  I don’t have a lap-top so if the power is out for some reason I miss my PC more than any other electrical device, I think.  I could survive on bread and water if I have to and even without heat for a while, but my internet???  No way!!!  I admit it  –  I’m addicted!!!  Or could it possibly be that I can’t do without Richard Armitage on my screen??  *Hangs head to hide blushes*


  2. Yeah for Judiang’s ISP working!  And I’m with Teuchter.  A day without Richard Armitage is like a day without sunshine.  Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  3. I’ve got enough Armitage offloaded in case of emergencies, but the Internet has really become vital for me. I’ve never had home internet service — have always used the office, poached wifi, etc., — but in my new apartment, I’ve decided, it’s too important to have to depend on chance or Starb****.

  4. Oh, ladies, I do love you! I am sooooo glad to know that I’m not the only one who goes into a panic at the very thought of no internet access! I tell people that I love my computer and can’t live without it and, of course, I get the strangest looks from a lot of people my own age or older. But, really……it’s like having my arms and legs cut off! I use the excuse that Melanie lives in America and I live in Australia and I love my baby girl (she’s 37!!!) and we need to Skype one another on a regular basis as we are both chatterers but…….there’s also the fact that I need to access these RA-related blogs and fansites and fanvids and now fanfics on a regular basis or I feel mightily deprived.
    Sorry…I just couldn’t resist all those “ands” above……I’m such a child!!! I like to think that I’m “child-like” rather than “childish” but………? 🙂

  5. Now, Servetus, whatever do you mean….”I’ve got enough Armitage offloaded in case of emergencies”? Surely, I’m the only one who saves things to her desktop (or elsewhere) on her computer!

  6. I know what you mean – I’ve lost count of the no. of photos I’ve saved, along with copies of the interviews, etc. I have most of the photos in folders on my desktop – they’re labelled “Alec Track”, “Angus”, “Guy of Gisborne”, etc. and then there’s one labelled “Richard as Richard”!  Luckily, Matthew doesn’t enter my computer room very often – I did notice one of his eyebrows quirk up at the no. of folders on  my desktop but I don’t think he actually had time to read their names!

    I showed Matthew a few photos from the NZ press conference and some of the latest ones from PJ’s videoblog – he’s impressed with the look of the Dwarves and is really looking forward to seeing the movies.  He says it’s a shame that so many movies are produced in 3D these days as he thinks it’s mostly unnecessary (he’s 40 – you know, “middle-aged”?)!

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