Interludes XXXIV: He’s Ready for His Close-Up

I’m working on another project still not blog related.  Again there’s no original post, Dear Reader, and with the clock ticking, my muse became temperamental and flounced off.  The nerve!  I’ll have to start stockpiling posts again.  The pressure!  Thank goodness for the bag of goodies.  Oh, here’s one for the John Porter fans.  I like it because it’s cropped so close, I can’t even tell it’s from Strike Back.

Richard Armitage as John Porter, courtesy of


8 thoughts on “Interludes XXXIV: He’s Ready for His Close-Up

  1. I just rewatched SB over the weekend.  He’s so good in it …

    That is one gorgeous photo.  What is it about that upper lip?

    Hope the other project goes well!  🙂

  2. Always happy to see anything from your Bag of Goodies!!   A Porter close-up never goes amiss, does it?   The upper lip Zan?  Where to begin?  Wouldn’t you be tempted to run a finger over it at least!!  HIGHLY kissable I’m sure!!  Okay, I’d better quit while I’m ahead. 😉   *blushes*

    Trust all goes well with the other project!


  3. And a prize goes to the one who correctly guesses the number of pores on the chin and jowel! (servetus will win that 😀 …Jellybeans in the jar?) That is the most splendid picture! It begs for a detailed analysis. I wouldn’t know whether to begin with the auburn eyebrow, the eye whites, the curve of the nose (thank you, Mum, for talking him out of a nose job.) or the sculptured, determined chin. And that’s my gush/squee quota for the year….(forgot the lip, will leave it to zan…)

    You will sort the project, judiang, and all will be well.

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