Interlude XXXVIII – Putting on the Ritz

…Well, actually Claridge’s.

Guests are arriving here for the weekend.  They want to see… The Hobbit.   I meet up with a fellow fan next weekend.  She wants to see…The Hobbit.  Did I mention I’ve seen it twice already?  ARRRRRRGH!  While I deal with this Hobbit glut, think about this: the age of bagginshield fan fic has dawned.

I’ll leave you to figure that out, along with this picture taken at Claridge’s hotel in London.


Richard awaits his tea and crumpettes. Courtesy of Tumblr.

Richard awaits his tea and crumpettes. Courtesy of Natylyra on Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “Interlude XXXVIII – Putting on the Ritz

  1. Well, if you’d rather not see The Hobbit while we’re there & wait for next weekend, I understand. So did Elsa get there safely yesterday? (I’m hoping I’ll still get to fly out tomorrow – durned storm!)

  2. Mmmmhhh….??? Originally I found this picture here: and here: about 2 weeks ago. And I did my homework: Only in NY is a church close to the “Waldorf Astoria Hotel”. 😉 Therefore unfortunately no tea at “Claridge’s”… But actually, next time I go to London I’m hell-bent to have an Afternoon Tea at said hotel.
    Have a nice weekend with your guests!

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