Interlude XXXVII – Short but Pretty

My muse and I are arguing so this will be short and sweet.  And pretty.  Enjoy.


Richard Armitage realizes he really likes the feel of going commando in leather trousers. Courtesy of Gaporter on Tumblr.

Santa probably won’t bring me any presents now.  Sigh.



20 thoughts on “Interlude XXXVII – Short but Pretty

  1. Say, what? Is this wishful thinking on your part or did he say he goes commando? Wouldn’t that cause some serious chafing in this specific case? Isn’t leather unforgiving when it comes to rubbing your skin? As you can see, I never think about this subject matter at all. Ever. After all, the poor man is always walking around in perfectly decent loose jeans that do not showcase any of his…assets. Oh, no. Modesty incarnate, he is. *cough*

    P.S: Thanks for filling my head with this image right before I go to bed. You are a veritable angel from the land of sexy dreams. I ♥ U. ;p

  2. So where do I send the bill for repairs to the computer, due to tea being sprayed all over the screen? You naughty girl, Judy!

    So tell us why you strongly suspect he doesn’t go commando…

    • I was also wondering why you think that, so ‘fess up judi and tell us! 😉 I think all of us are already on the naughty list!! 🙂

      I believe this is another picture from the Roots store in Toronto?

  3. Quite pretty.
    My inner fangurl says, “Thank you!” 🙂

    (Aside to Santa: Judi deserves LOTS of pressies. She takes care of us fangurls. In many wonderful ways. She’s very very good. 😉 )

  4. Oh, I love you Judi!!
    What an inspiring and refreshing idea when looking at this grey cardigan….
    Yeah, and the Man knows….and we know…… 😉
    Feel no qualms concerning Santa…He’s aware of our dearest wishes…. 🙂

    • And i volunteer to sprinkle the talcum powder. He’ll need that if he’s going commando.

  5. Poor Guy! He tries so hard to be taken seriously 😉
    That is an inspiring picture, surely there is more bubbling in your head but for these few teasing lines?

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