Interlude XXXIII: Me Jane, You…?

I give up.  No serious blogging will get done until the weekend hopefully.  So, time for my bag of goodies.  Oh… here we are…. a nice black and white photo.  I rarely post any of these.  Observe the contrast of light and dark.  Class, are you with me?  Discuss.

Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet.

11 thoughts on “Interlude XXXIII: Me Jane, You…?

  1. You’re trying to kill us, aren’t you? At least I’ll go with a smile on my face. 🙂



    • Teacher wants a discussion … hmmmm … *picks up pointer* *assumes professorial stance*

      One word comes to mind when viewing this image  …   *ahem* NOT that word!  really, ladies!  … the word I’m referring to is chiaroscuro.  The play of dark and light across the photo.

      *points to photo* How the shadows cascade across the planes of his … *ahem* eyes up, please! … FACE!

      See how the dark fades, almost grudgingly, on his … *rolls eyes* ummm, up here! … SHOULDERS!

      I give up …

      Well, maybe I’ll  just sit over here and ogle review this photo quietly. Ummm … somebody check to see if I’m breathing every once in awhile, OK?

  2. OMG you could have warned us!


    I don’t think i can take much more excitement today.


    • But i bet it will be watched this weekend now you have seen Lee’s ‘uniform’!

    • You must be joking!! 32 or 33 !! No wonder he’s still feeling like 25 only recently…. LOL

  3. *quickly snaffles photo*  Why didn’t I have a copy of this already?!  *notices the title of photo has been renamed to include the word “lips”*  Funny because besides his eyes, it is his lips I notice here first.  — I mean also besides his chest, shoulders, arms!,  ….ummm….   This is sounding more like I’m cataloguing him instead of just looking.  But when I just look without thinking I get lost in those eyes and then… *THUD*!

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